OSI Industries Satisfies the Taste Buds of their Customers

One of the largest suppliers of meat products to United States foodservices is the OSI Industries. OSI offers poultry items, beef, pork, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, chicken nuggets, and beef patties. McDonald’s has been a long term customer of OSI for its beef products. OSI Industries is in 16 countries with 60 production facilities.

OSI Industries have been in China for over 20 years. They are expanding their business along with the growth of the economy of China. OSI serves many different clients in China. Some of the more known clients are Burger King, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Saizeriya, and Subway. Beyond the beef and sausage patties from OSI, companies also can order sandwiches and pizza.

Baho Food operates plants in the Netherlands and Germany. OSI Industries in Aurora, Ill now has a controlling stake in Baho Food. They have five subsidiary companies that market and sell a variety of convenient foods as well as snacks, along with deli meats. The subsidiary companies have over 60 years of history serving businesses with snacks, deli meats and convenient foods across 18 European countries.

This addition to OSI Industries will expand the company’s strength and better serve their customers. The managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers will stay on and keep his complete management team to run the business. Balvers has a great relationship with the existing suppliers and customers and is excited about staying on with OSI Industries. Baho and OSI will combine their strengths to enhance the services they offer to their customers and grow the business to meet their goals.

Tyson Foods, Springfield, Ark, has been bought out by OSI Industries. The Tyson plant was close to the OSI’s existing Chicago plant. The Tyson food processing facility and storage area will support the development of the food business for OSI. OSI Industries will be able to meet the greater needs of their customers.

To add to their line of foods, OSI Industries has acquires the Flagship Europe. They supple frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, sauces, sandwich fillings, marinades, dips, dressings and sous vide products to the UK foodservice market.

OSI Industries has local management teams in all their facilities to manage the day to day operations in order to satisfy the local cultures and tastes of their customers. Cultural nuances, governmental regulations and the talent pool affects how well a company is run. OSI also takes in the facts that each country has customers with different tastes buds and they want to satisfy their customers in each country.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

Chris Burch: Building a Paradise in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with 13,000 beautiful islands, and one of them is Sumba Island. The island is located far from the populated centers of the country, and the island is filled with kind and hospitable people. The sceneries are beautiful, and the beaches in the island are virgin and not developed. It is a paradise for many, and it draws tourists from around the world because of its beauty. One of those foreigners who was attracted by the natural beauty of Sumba Island is Chris Burch, a wealthy American executive who is known for managing hedge funds and other financial assets in the United States. He is also an investor who has placed his wealth in different companies from some industries. He first saw the island in 2012, and along with his travel buddy James McBride, who is a hotelier, they decided to develop the island and build a luxury hotel and resort in it. Hop over to architecturaldigest.com for an additional article.

The luxury hotel and resort was called Nihiwatu, and Chris Burch invested more than $30 million for its development. The beaches and coves near Nihiwatu are also developed, and more amenities were offered to the tourists visiting the place. Because of its facilities and accommodating staff, the luxury hotel and resort owned by Chris Burch was named by an influential travel magazine as the best hotel and resort on the planet. Travel + Leisure awarded the recognition back in 2016, and one of their reasons why Nihiwatu was chose is because of its natural beauty and the amenities that were offered to the guests.  Check businessinsider.com.

Chris Burch thanked the magazine for recognizing the effort of the staffs running the hotel and stated that it is right publicity for them because more people are now aware of the resort’s existence.  More about this seasoned entrepreneur on bjtonline.com.

For his latest cool offering to the market, hit inc.com.

Today, Chris Burch and James McBride continue to develop the Nihiwatu luxury hotel and resort, and they keep bringing jobs to the local people of Sumba Island. More facilities are also being built on the island that benefits the local population. The island now has better ports and better roads for the locals and the tourists to use.  To know his new and follow on investments, browse on this.

For contact details visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/contact/

Meet USHEALTH Advisors for the Best Family Health Coverage

It is a pity to know that some people do not consider health coverage necessary. For them, materialistic pleasures are foremost, and they prefer buying for their car and their very own health takes a backseat. It is astonishing to see that for them their very own health is a secondary thing. They consider family health coverage as completely unnecessary and make it as an added expenditure. However, with increasing medical care prices, gradually people have started to realize the importance of buying family health coverage. That is USHEALTH Advisors are here to educate you.

When it comes to health coverage, buying a policy is not enough. Instead, it is important to consider the suitability of a policy when purchasing one. There are a few things that help you in judging whether a given coverage is suitable or not. While selecting health coverage, you must check for a few things, such as the benefits policy is offering and its terms and conditions. Looking up for all these things will greatly help you in knowing about a policy and decide whether a policy is beneficial for them or not. In addition to these, you should also take into consideration a few more things that are related to their respective lives, such as, medical history, financial budget, and income. According to USHEALTH Advisors insurance, all these things help you in opting for a suitable policy for you as well your family.

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USHEALTH Advisors location

Many health coverage companies are operating in the market, and each one of them offers a wide variety of such options. And with each and everything going online, USHEALTH Advisors have moved from 2563 SW Grapevine Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051 to online too. Almost every health coverage company is offering all its products online. Through their dedicated websites, USHEALTH Advisors insurance furnishes the details of their respective health services. This gives you ample amount of time to go through health coverage and gather all the much-needed information about it. With the availability of such products online, an individual gets the opportunity to compare different policies and opt for the one that is best suited.


JPost Discusses George Soros Demonization

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager with a knack for philanthropy. Philanthropy’s been a part of Soros life since he was a small child. He grew up in a Nazi-occupied Hungary that then turned Communist. He learned from a young age how important democracy and human rights are to society.

Unable to continue living in Hungary, he eventually ended in the United States. He moved to New York and got a job on Wall Street. Before long, he was a successful hedge fund manager. During his career, he made billions, once even shorting the British pound with his aggressive trading style.

Once he starting making enough money, he began donating to local charities. Eventually, he founded the Open Society Foundations, which is now his primary philanthropy outlet. The NY Times says he’s donated $18 billion to Open Society since founding the organization more than 30 years ago.

Obviously, no one could donate that much money in one transfer. Soros’s been donating $800 million a year and plans on continuing his donation streak. He wants to donate another $2 billion before he’s too old to participate in social movements. Currently, he’s 87 years old; still young enough to fight, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

All those years ago, Open Society promoted democracy and human rights. Now, the organization helps out wherever and whenever it can. In 2014, it was a part of the treatment of Ebola during the outbreak. It’s aided programs that protect ethnic art and culture from being destroyed. It’s even protected the LGBT community and reduced police brutality.

If it’s not obvious by now, George Soros is Democratic. Hs political stance on many issues has attracted a lot of hate from the opposition. Mostly, it’s right-wing conspiracy theorists attacking his name and philanthropy. The small attacks, like name calling, aren’t that bad, and http://fortune.com/2017/10/17/george-soros-open-society-18-billion/.

As the years have progressed, the attacks have gotten worse. Now, they’re accusing him of any and everything horrible. They’re even belittling his philanthropy, saying it’s an attack on them. One of the worst things he’s accused of is causing the Charlottesville incident by supporting both sides of the fight.

George Soros has spoken about these accusations a few times. He’s mostly disgusted by these people’s attacks. There’s really no way of stopping the attacks, so he just ignores as best he can and continues helping, and more information click here.

Eli Gershkovitch and the Canadian Beer Legacy

There are numerous types of beer in the world. Some are dark and others light. Each has different ingredients to give them their individual tastes. Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian businessman, the CEO of Canada’s Steamworks Brewery.


About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is a pilot as well as a well-known lawyer but he is also a Canadian beer brewer. Unlike most CEOs, he is not self-absorbed in his success but is down to Earth as well as a masterful businessman.


Gershkovitch lives by the business model that you must grow your business to meet the demands of your customers or their demands will shrink to meet your production. Companies that stick with the same business model they’ve used in the past will be surpassed by new companies that constantly innovate and create. Determined to continue to be competitive and rise above, when competition in Canada is at its highest, Steamworks combines both traditional and innovative methods when running their craft brew business (http://releasefact.com/2017/12/canadas-burgeoning-craft-beer-industry-owes-a-lot-to-trailblazers-like-eli-gershkovitch/). Quality, quantity, and price are foremost on their agenda.


Steamworks was founded in 1995. It began as a small place in Vancouver serving their trademark craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch decided to expand the brewery into a part of the city’s ever-evolving culture. In the beginning, it had only 184 seats and now it has grown to over 750 seats. A large portion of his brewery attracts tourists while locals visit regularly.


Eli not only opened up Steamworks Brewery but also has several restaurants and bars. All of these places sell craft beers including those made by Steamworks. Doing this has helped to build Steamworks as part of the craft brew culture in Vancouver and across Canada.


The Craft Beer Industry

Domestic beer options have been popular among adults for a very long time, almost becoming a pastime. Due to this, the rise of beer empires has increased. The Superbowl and other types of events that build demand for beer through advertisements have helped to keep this industry thriving.


Craft beer has created a beer culture all its own, bringing adults that have favored the popular brews to come to know more sophisticated tastes. While popular cans been a favored alcoholic beverage for years, there’s nothing like a craft brew on tap at a local hangout to keep you refreshed. Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Brewery can ensure you have the craft brew taste, as well as experience, as they build this culture and legacy in Canada.

Glen Wakeman: Five Points in Managing a Business

There are a lot of businesses today that are operating without a concrete plan. People just wanted to open their businesses without thinking about how the industry would flow and how they can manage it. For Glen Wakeman, this is an opportunity to extend his help and show the newcomers in business how the world of entrepreneurship works. Glen Wakeman has more than two decades of experience being an executive for some financial firms, and his skills and expertise are considered to be one of the most reliable in the market, which is why people tend to choose him for his services (https://www.dailyforexreport.com/glen-wakeman-global-mogul/). Glen Wakeman, the founder of Nova Four, a financial firm that provides monetary assistance to small and medium range businesses. Glen Wakeman is also known to be an inspirational speaker and a motivator, which uses his knowledge in operating a business to influence those who are listening to him.


Glen Wakeman graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He then decided to join several financial institutions and studied how they operate. Glen Wakeman is an observant individual. He spent years working for several financial institutions, and it managed to transform him into a highly skilled and knowledgeable executive. Because he wanted to give back to the people, Glen Wakeman decided to create a five-point rule in managing a business. He is confident in his knowledge about doing business and assured his listeners that they too could succeed if they followed what he was doing.


In his five-point rule, Glen Wakeman put some emphasis on leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He believes that if something managed to balance all of the elements of managing a business, then it will succeed (Blogwebpedia). Glen Wakeman has already spoken with different economic chambers and organizations about his five-point rule, and most of the time, the business people, and entrepreneurs who are attending the events are amazed at the idea and information that Glen Wakeman provided. He claimed that helping the people is his sole mission in life, and he is grateful that people are receiving his ideas positively.



Dr. Mark Holterman Pediatric Innovator and Expert on Surgery

Educator and Researcher With Busy Schedule Who Gives Back


Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgical expert who is also an educator and researcher (https://ideamensch.com/mark-holterman/). With a busy schedule, he also finds time to give back to the community, as he works with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


Originally From Wisconsin But Attended Yale University


Dr. Holterman is originally from Wisconsin but attended Yale University and the University of Virginia for medical school with the intention of becoming a medical scientist with the National Institute of Health. He met a fellow student who convinced him to become a pediatric surgeon whom he later went on to marry.


Investment Manager Of Mariam Global Health Fund


He is also an investment manager: the fund Mariam Global Health was founded by him as a way to create healthcare investments (Interview). He is also a member of the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he is also doing research on stem cells and fighting cancer/diabetes.


Promise of Regenerative Medicine With New Therapies


Regenerative medicine is a promising field, with new therapies and technology coming out over the course of several years. He has also created a foundation aimed at creating new therapies aimed at advancing access to regenerative medicine treatments, the Hannah Sunshine Foundation.


Peer Reviewed Articles and Creator of Educational Pieces


As a researcher, he has peer-reviewed articles and created several educational pieces for immunologists. He has also toured the world on a lecture circuit, promoting his cause.


Manager of 2 Medical Practices in Illinois


Finally, Dr. Holterman manages two medical practices. Both of these are in Illinois and has a membership with the American Academy of Pediatrics/the American College of Surgeons. This combination of experiences makes Dr. Holterman a very well-rounded professional in the field of regenerative medicine and pediatrics.


Perry Mandera – A Pioneer of the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities. He is also known for having pioneered the Transportation Industry. His commitment to helping others is his personal driving force. He also dedicates his time to both family and church. He can add sports to his many passions.


Mandera has a background that prepared him for the tough things in life that would come his way. After graduating from high school in 1975, Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves. The Corps assigned him to the motor pool where he picked up his truck-driving skills. He served his time, received an honorable discharge, and returned to civilian life.


He worked for several transportation companies before deciding to open his own business in 1980 at the age of 23. He later sold his business in 1985. Somewhere along the line Mandera also took a keen interest in politics. The same drive that inspired him to open a business was also present as he ran for Republican Ward Committeeman of Chicago’s 26th Ward (Chicago.CBSLocal). He served for four years and distinguished himself by being the youngest person elected to that position at the time.


Lengthening his resume, he started The Custom Companies, Ind. Today, his company is proud to serve thousands of customers that range from Fortune 100 companies to small, family-owned, businesses. His company’s annual sales exceed $200 million and boast several hundred employees.


The company’s headquarters is in Northlake, IL. The company maintains agents and offices in other American cities as well. The company offers a complete array of logistics products and services. Some of these services include truck loading services, international air freight services, contract cartage, and warehousing to name several. Mandera is a man on the move. He is the kind of person who can build on past successes and carry them forward. These types of people seem to turn everything they touch to gold.

More at https://www.slideshare.net/perrymandera

Stream Energy: Energizing the Nation, One State after the Other

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is the top company in the United States, a country where the industry of energy is well-developed and modern, that is engaged in providing connected life services and in direct selling. Based on Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy has revolutionized the industry of energy through its use of direct selling. It has become one of the biggest energy providers in the global energy market considering the quality of their services and the number of clients that they have acquired in such a small period of time. When it comes to direct selling, the company has surpassed their expectations and has, in 12 years generated over $10 billion in lifetime revenue.

Stream Energy’s mission and vision are centered on putting the needs of their customers who are usually on-the-go first and keeping them connected. The company does this through seamlessly fitting together their services (Wireless Services, Home Services, and, of course, the Energy Services, as well as the security sector. Stream Energy provides their services in Illinois, Washington, D.C, Texas, Pennsylvania, and others.


Delaware is the latest state that has been added to Stream Energy’s ever-growing footprint of providing better energy services to the country (https://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/electric-companies/stream-energy-in-dallas-tx-90018895/reviews-and-complaints). Stream Energy officially launched in Delaware at the end of the year of 2017, and they are expecting to release their services in more areas by middle 2018. Delaware is the second state that was added in the same year, following their launch in September at Illinois.


Larry Mondry, CEO, and President of Stream Energy has said that the company is thrilled to have Delaware in their list of states where they provide energy services, including home services, wireless services, and protective services (WeeklyOpinion). Larry Mondry added that the addition of Delaware is an opportunity for both the consumers in the Northeast and Stream Energy to get to know each other and be one family, because, with Stream Energy, the customers’ voices are always heard.


During the launch, Delaware customers will have the added benefit of having a small percentage below the price from their semestral plan and with a competitive market pricing.

Jorge Moll: Health Benefits of Giving

Giving has a lot of health benefits. According to a research made by Jorge Moll, a prominent Brazilian neuroscientist, the practice of giving can result in less stress. Many people in the world today are being affected by stress because of their jobs, family problems, and other kinds of issues in life. Stress levels, if it continues to rise, can cause severe ailments in the body and it can also lead to fatal diseases. However, if someone is practicing to give, the stress level will decrease significantly, and it can result in a healthier lifestyle. The experiment about the correlation between good health and giving was conducted by some prominent neuroscientist from all over the world, and Jorge Moll had to seek the assistance of Jordan Grafman to perform the experiment and record the research findings.

Several volunteers were invited by the neuroscientists to watch a scenario which involves giving. The neuroscientists who were observing the volunteers were surprised when they saw a rapid change in the body’s metabolism, and they were also surprised seeing the brain functioning differently. The neuroscientists found out later on that the scenario which has shown giving made the volunteers feel right, and the pleasure comes from the brain itself. The brain releases some hormones for the body to feel, and it causes the good feeling that the volunteers felt. This good sense resulting from the mind releasing its hormones is good for the body, according to the scientists. They claimed that it has positive effects on the body, and aside from countering stress, the hormones can also make someone less prone from being depressed (http://portal.comunique-se.com.br/newsdino?title=jorge-moll-presidente-do-instituto-d%E2%80%99or-de-pesquisa-e-ensino-(idor)-fala-sobre-tecnologia-aliada-a-medicina&partnerid=33&releaseid=156174).


Giving would give someone an opportunity to make new friends, and to meet new people. If someone is enjoying the activities involved with giving, they can also live better lives, removing stress and depression from the equation. Jorge Moll has encouraged so many people to give, because of its health benefits, as well as the social advantages that come with it. Giving should also come from the heart, and no one should measure how much they are giving to someone to make it more efficient.