The Origin of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks can be defined as a means of cash payment payable to all stakeholders of a partnership that publicly trades its shares in accordance with statute 26 of the U.S. Cash payment via the use of freedom checks was discovered by Matt Badiali. He was working for a renowned financial expert in a project that greatly exposed him globally. He met and interacted with the world leading CEOs of various companies in the Oil and Mining Industry. This exposed him to the world latest technological innovations and trends.Even though freedom checks sound like a government program, it is privately operated by various companies. The existence of this tax free business opportunity is based on a federal law that makes it possible for businesses in the energy industry to send their monthly checks to their stakeholders.

These businesses are called Master limited partnerships. They play a vital role in the energy industry. Master Limited Partnerships are involved in activities such as running oil refineries and transporting fuel through pipelines. For these firms to qualify for tax exemption they must forward 90 cents of every dollar they earn to the stakeholders.Freedom checks are similar to dividends through a majority of the MLPs call them distributions. Stakeholders can receive more than $160000 in every quarter of the year compared to traditional shares that generate low returns. These impressive investment returns by these freedom checks have drawn special attention by Reuters and Motley Fool.

The fact that MLPs are exempted from federal income tax gives the Americans an incentive to inject more capital in the energy sector. However, stakeholders are subjected to a small capital gains tax once they sell their shares. The government deemed it necessary to exempt MLPs from paying taxes so as to affirm US independence through energy production. Consequently, a law that benefited those who invested in the energy sector was formulated.The concept of Freedom check also revolves around several complimentary opportunities. For example, Real Estate Investment Trusts provide another alternative for tax exemption and a huge chunk of their income goes to the investors. Therefore numerous Real Estate Investment Trusts are gaining money from rental properties that they own.

Jose Auriemo Neto at the Helm of JHSF

The businessman heads JHSF as its chairman. The company was started by his father and the main objective was to invest in Brazil’s real estate industry. Over the years, it has completed many residential and commercial projects in the country. He previously held the position of the chief executive officer in the firm where he was tasked with ensuring the successful completion of office towers, hotels, and other public developments.

Jose Auriemo Neto played a key role in the establishment of the company’s shopping and retail businesses which includes the Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo and Metro Tucuruvi. He oversaw the success of partnerships with other businesses such as Hermes and Pucci.

Under Jose Auriemo’s leadership, the Cidade Jardim shopping complex started offering luxury brands to the customers. Years later, JHSF also partnered with Valentino that marked the first time that Valentino stores opened their doors in Brazil’s market. Statistics have shown that there was a decline in luxury sales in the country between 2016 and 2017. However, JHSF still experienced a growth rate of 2.3% and the profit also increased with a margin of 16.1%.

He is a former student of the FAAP University located in Sao Paulo. At the institution, he acquired business skills that have been crucial in his career growth. The businessman joined JHSF in 1993. As part of the firm’s objectives to diversify its sources of income, the management launched a service department which specialized in parking lot management.

Jose Auriemo Neto was in charge of developing JHSF’s first shopping complex which was known as Shopping Santa Cruz. Other areas that the real estate guru has ventured into include the fashion industry. He is considered one of the largest investors in the fashion sector which has an estimated value of $2.4 trillion. Due to Mr. Neto’s exemplary leadership skills the firm has been able to identify various viable business opportunities that have yielded good returns with time. Some of the factors that put the organization ahead of others in the sector include innovation and adhering to high-quality standards. The management hopes to expand the firm’s operations into other parts of the world.

Madison Street Capital: A Bridge for Company Transactions

Business people and entrepreneurs in the United States are in a constant battle to become the most successful. Some of the strategies that they develop involve the acquisition of a smaller firm, while some engage in a merger that makes their presence and influence stronger. In between these transactions, there should be an unbiased middle person that would look after both sides, making sure that the deal is fair. Madison Street Capital, a global investment and financial firm, is known for their reputation in the world of business as one of the most effective bridges when sealing corporate deals and contracts. The Madison Street Capital reputation was built for years, and the company carefully created their positive projection in the world of business.



Madison Street Capital started as a small financial firm that ensures smaller businesses that they could succeed if they are willing to work with them. Madison Street Capital’s founders worked hard to ensure that their clients would receive a good deal from the business transactions that they involved themselves into. In a short period, the company was able to attract more investors and business people around the world, contributing to their growth. As the company realized that they could also sell themselves as a reputation advisory firm, they decided to offer acquisition and merger services to companies that developed an interest with small and medium-sized business.



The company is meticulous when it comes to assisting. They wanted to find out the truth first, and they are trying to investigate the background information about the companies that are trying to avail of their services. Once the Madison Street Capital establishes the fact that someone is a legitimate client, they will go ahead and help them in any ways possible. One of the most recent instances of Madison Street Capital stepping up would be the acquisition of RMG Networks, which will be under the control of the Sachs Capital Group. The latter revealed that the position of RMG Networks as one of the top places to go for tech items and devices made it attractive to larger firms, and the Sachs Capital Group stated that the company would be under a right path if RMG Networks will be joining them.



After advising both parties, Madison Street Capital witnessed how the two companies decided to come into an agreement. RMG Networks and the Sachs Capital Group stated that they would continue cooperating to ensure the growth of the market.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Outlines His Grand Plans for At Davos, Switzerland


Richard Liu Qiangdong made an appearance in this year’s World Economic Forum, which was held in Davos, Switzerland. The celebrated Founder and Chief Executive Officer of spoke to high profile gatherings of fellow prominent business personalities and media houses from across the world. In all his speeches and interviews, Richard Liu explained his grand plans to take to the next business level in the coming days. Currently, is one of the leading e-commerce retailers in China.


In one occasion, Richard Liu Qiangdong addressed a gathering of 50 prominent businessmen and women at a lunch event. Among those in attendance included the Chief Executive Officer of Adidas Group, Kasper Rorsted and the chief of Walmart in the United States, Greg Foran. Speaking in his refined English, he informed the gathering of his plans to expand JD’s coverage of the European market. Richard Liu Qiangdong confirmed that plans are in top gear to secure partnerships with leading European retailers. Through the partnerships, JD will grant leading European brands access to its online platform and logistics network. In return, JD will have access to the markets in which the partners operate.


According to Liu Qiangdong, JD will introduce superior European brands into the Chinese market through its cutting-edge online platform. At the same time, the company will market leading Chinese brands into the European markets. This way, customers will afford the comfort of buying products of their choice without necessary traveling out of their country. Liu expressed his confidence that will bring a revolution in e-commerce within the next ten years.


In a separate event at Davos, Richard Liu Qiangdong disclosed to CBNC is planning to take its logistics business public. He also said that the company is considering a dual listing. Dual listing happens when a company trades its shares in multiple stock exchange markets. According to Liu, the move will give investors an upper hand regarding flexibility and increase the liquidity of the stocks. View More Information Here.


Even though the CEO did not state the exact time when the listing will take place, he hinted at the possibility of the initial public offer happening by the end of the year. Additionally, Richard Liu confirmed that the listing of the logistics business, which is currently owned by JD International Ltd, will take place in either mainland China or Hong Kong.


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Paul Herdsman: The Cofounder Of NICE Global


The co-founder of the Nice Global, Paul Herdsman, is a prominent businessman. He is a successful world-class entrepreneur. Paul Herdsman ventured in Nice Global to outsource professional skills. Nice Global offers skills and knowledge on customers’ services, business growth, sales, and marketing. He states that he acquires new client through traditional marketing and word of mouth. Word of mouth is essential for upward growth in the business. A one on one interaction with client builds confidence and makes him feel comfortable to do business with his clients.

Paul Herdsman’s company majors in ensuring clients benefit with useful information by offering solutions to other companies. The success of the company that has partnered with NICE Global is corrected positively with the success of the NICE Global. Paul Herdsman’s company trains their employees after they are hired to bring the positive change within the company.

The training enhances the skills so that they have the required expertise for the success of the company. Paul notes continuous employee training provides a room for promotion, and the new abilities enable them to feel appreciated and inspires them to do new duties and responsibilities that come with the new position. They also offer a reward to the outstanding employees based on the performance merit to motivate them. See Related Link to learn more.

The goal of the NICE Global is to expand its business to other towns in Jamaica. Besides, they are dedicating time in research to look for other possible opportunities. Paul is still looking for the possibility to outsource the services to the nations across the globe.

As a world-class businessman, Paul Herdsman believes the key to success is having a positive attitude. Paul thinks that a positive person is creative and innovative and always gives an excellent solution to the problem. To be successful one need to be a risk taker, visionary, surround with the right-minded people, and be ready to learn from mistakes.


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The Passionate Career Of Kimberly Bakker


All across the world, there are countless individuals who are truly passionate about what they do for a living. Kimberly Bakker, CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, is one of those lucky enough to turn her childhood passion into a dream career.

Kimberly has severed in public positions for several years, in addition to holding a business degree from the University of Southern California. Kimberly Bakker is currently running her personal event planning business. In a recent IdeaMensch interview, she expanded on her daily routine.

The inspiration of her career path stems from her childhood. Kimberly Bakker grew up in a traditional household where annual events were something they treasured. She got massive enjoyment out of helping to plan events and seeing each piece come together perfectly on the big day. Kimberly Bakker now takes this passion to a bigger scale, where she helps others plan the perfect event. Her willingness to listen and work within a set of means, makes her a popular hiring choice in the region.

Outside of work, Kimberly Bakker enjoys the home life with her daughter. She wakes up bright and early to get everything ready for the day. Regardless of what the day’s events, she makes it a point to spend the morning with her daughter. Afterwards, on event days she packs the car to the brim and heads to the venue. On the off days, she can be found planning a event or discussing details with a client. Kimberly Bakker is particularly curious about the potential cannabis has on the future of events. Read This Article for more information.

Kimberly Bakker is extremely proud of the work she performs. She loves seeing the excitement on her clients faces when the event comes together perfectly. Each and every client a unique set of guidelines to meet. A party should be something enjoyed by all who attend.


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Matt Badiiali: Copper May Enter A Bull Market

Commodities have been a poor investment choice since 2011. One commodity that seems that it should be going higher is copper. Many individuals who were convinced about the strong fundamentals of copper may be getting worn out with the poor price action. One financial advisor who is extremely bullish on the metal long-term is Matt Badiali. According to his analysis, the demand for copper is greater than the supply, which should mean that copper should be going higher. Mr. Badiali is blaming the speculators for trading with their emotions rather than the long-term reasons to invest in copper. He urges individuals to remain confident in the long-term outlook for copper.

Matt Badiali made a name for himself as a financial advisor who can select amazing natural resource investments. He originally was studying as a geologist and traveled to many counties around the world to examine the mines and oil wells of well-respected resource companies. Mr. Badiali points to the trade war between the United States and China as the reason that copper prices have been performing poorly. Many individuals in the world of finance feel that the trade war is going to push the United States and the rest of the world into a recession. Copper is used much less during a recession. China consumes a lot of copper and over the past several years their usage has grown significantly. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! Many are worried this trend will reverse unless China and the US can come to terms on trade. Matt Badiali, however, points out that it will take too long for new copper supply to meet market demand, which will ultimately drive copper prices higher.

Matt Badiali does not want investors in copper companies to get discouraged because of the short-term irrationality of the speculators. Many countries are planning large-scale solar and wind projects which will require a lot of copper. The electric vehicle is going to be pushed by many nations and automobile companies in the coming years and these vehicles will require much more copper. Mr. Badiali believes that the supply issue for the metal will carry on for the next few years and will ultimately push copper into a major bull market.

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Neurocore Is At The Forefront Of Depression And Anxiety

Neurocore is currently one of the leading organizations working to help people with their mental issues, namely depression and anxiety. It is Neurcocore’s mission to understand the brain and how it attacks each individual on a daily basis to make improvements to their overall mental health. One of the most important parts is being able to cope with these disorders, and Neurocore has offices that people are free to visit at any time if they are in need of services. Everyone is able to see what is involved in Neurocore and how their program will work if they choose to be a part of it. Whether it’s about the changes in the brain or the kind of living changes that need to be made, patients are free to ask any questions to make them feel comfortable. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Treatment always ranges for patients because everyone is different and handles things in different ways in their own head. At Neurocore, some people start seeing results quickly, while others take longer to manage their depression or anxiety, especially if they have a severe case. Neurocore offers various tips to their patients on how to cope with their issue, which is extremely important for the process to be effective. Neurocore offers great care to their customers and makes sure everyone has a dedicated person to interact with for whatever questions they may have. Over the course of a treatment program at Neurocore, patients can always change up their treatments and ask for new options and Neurocore will do their best to accommodate them to make their problems disappear.


Depression and Anxiety are a serious mental health issue that people need to be helped with. Anyone currently suffering or recovering from one of these issues knows just how impactful they are on daily living, sometimes making it impossible to go through a single day successfully or productively. Neurocore is here to help and urges anyone in need to contact them to get an appointment and start taking care of their mental health. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

E-commerce Mogul, Richard Liu Qiangdong Lows And Highs


Push but lack, Richard Liu had to work very hard to make money enough to at least cater for the basic things in life. Life had its own twists and turns as he failed in most of the business ventures he got into as a young adult. While in college, he established a restaurant that closed down, began selling healthy products but this too collapsed, sold electronics accessories and due to economic dynamics Liu Quiangdong had to either closed down or reinvent. He opted for the latter, and began selling things online, major to dispose his stock although this lead to the launch of after he observed how profitable online business had become of.

E-commerce was the way to go. Other than following classical rules in the trade, he went through a learning curve and observed that online business would do better is customers were given right information about quality, pricing and size. This gave an upper hand over other competitors. Today, the platform has over 500 logistics centers with the site committing to almost impromptu service delivery ranging from 6-20-hour subject to the location of the client. Customers are accorded uniform attention regardless of the quantity of order made.

Richard Liu during a recent interview at the World Economic Forum he agreed that he is indeed very wealthy. He however feels that has actually made him more responsible as he has to effectively manage the store in addition to expanding the clientele.


About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese by nationality and known to being an entrepreneur. His early life was not easy as he was raised up by an ailing grandmother who he had to work very hard to raise money for her medication. After successfully going through Renmin University which is in Beijing China Richard Liu was focused on becoming successful. Liu Quiangdong ventured into business, with failures of course and his big break came after the launch of that was well received in the market. Today, he takes pride in what he has achieved and his ability to compete with brands that have been in existence longer. See Related Link for additional information.


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Jason Hope Prepares For Future By Endorsing Internet of Things

When you are an entrepreneur, it is of the utmost importance that you spend your time focusing on projects that could end up defining your career. For Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur and renowned futurist, that career-defining project could end up being something that changes the world. Jason Hope has spent the past couple of years working hard in order to spread the word about the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is, according to Hope, one of the most important burgeoning industries in the entire tech world. It is Hope’s belief that the Internet of Things could end up fundamentally changing our world forever. With that frame of reference, let’s begin our discussion on the IoT and support it with Hope’s own thoughts and words.

The Internet of Things is, in essence, the invisible but sprawling network of connections between devices and the internet that comprise the majority of our lives. From our smart cars to our handheld super-computers, the internet is prevalent in just about every single thing it is that we do. If you went back in time just ten years, you’d find a very different world with a very different connection to the internet. Now, imagine how different things will become in another ten years? Thinking ahead in terms of chunks of years is the key to becoming a successful futurist and it is the reason that Hope is so inspired by the IoT.

Right now, Jason Hope admits that the Internet of Things is largely a niche genre of products. From smartphones to GPS devices for the fitness community, smart technology in the IoT has been relegated to a minimal but functional subset of the items that we use in our day-to-day lives. However, there are already waves rippling out that show how the Internet of Things is going to dramatically alter the world. Modern cities are considering using smart technology for public transit, companies like Google are making automated vehicles, and entrepreneurs like Jason Hope are paying closer and closer attention to just how big the industry is getting as well as the importance of staying up to date with developments. The Internet of Things is coming and Hope thinks that it is time to prepare with smart investments.

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