7 Dirty Secrets of Entrepreneurship

7DirtySecretsofEntrepreneurshipI love what I do and I’m the consummate optimist. Even when things are rough, I can find the silver lining… But there are a few things I wish I would have been more prepared for when I started my business. I am listing them here, along with a counterpoint – the ‘silver lining’.

Business owners talk about these things among themselves but rarely share them with others. After almost 4 years of ‘doing my own thing’ I wanted to lift the veil on some of the more challenging aspects of business ownership.
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Old Ad Technique Helps Reach Targeted Customers

Nike AdIn the hustle to get our social media messages out to the world, we sometimes forget branding and advertising fundamentals. I wanted to share a concept from the traditional advertising world that will help you with your social media marketing and branding. It was traditionally called the Thumb Test.

Thumb Test
In the ‘old days’ once an ad was finished and before it was printed, the ‘final check’ was done by an editor. That editor would cover up the logo on the ad with their thumb. If the ad still contained all of the proper branding and could easily be associated with the brand (without the logo) the editor would allow printing to commence.
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How Clearing The Deck Will Seriously Increase Your Entrepreneurial Success

Here’s a little dose of reality. Running a business isn’t 2 times as hard as you thought it would be, it’s 200 times as hard! I’m not complaining, I love building an empire – even a small empire – it’s a blast, the most fun I’ve ever had ‘working’ and some days it doesn’t feel like work, but some days it does. HARD work.
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