Nobilis healthcare company

Nobilis Healthcare owns and manages acute health care facilities to provide health care services to their patients. They provide low cost outpatient services for minimally invasive procedures. Nobilis owns seven healthcare facilities which are located in the cities of Dallas, Houston and Scottsdale. They also have partnerships with facilities in six states. The states include Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. Nobilis surgeons and all fellowship trained and board certified. This makes them some of the most highly skilled advanced surgeons in the country. Nobilis specializes in otolarynology, which is ear, nose and throat. They also specialize in gastrointestinal scopes, pain management, general surgery, podiatry, and spine surgery. The surgeons very highly focus on providing the highest standards of patient care.
Nobilis has many positive customer reviews. This is because the staff at Nobilis healthcare is committed to being the trusted care provider for their patients. And also providing the best possible experience from post-op to pre-op for their patients and their loved ones. Patients personalized care is provided in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. This provides much comfort to the patients. Nobilis offers state of the art facilities. These facilities allows patients to return home the same day as their procedure. This is so that they may recuperate in familiar family surroundings. With a patient rating of 95% Nobilis is definitely a great choice for medical needs. Whether it be for oneself of a family member they are very highly known for how excellent they treat their customers. Also how comfortable they make them feel when they visit their Nobilis facilities.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, a hedge fund manager, wanted to do help contribute of autism research. His son has autism and this was a motivating factor in his decision. He met with a popular rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg and came up with the idea for an enterprise that entertains around the world to raise money for autism research. It is called Autism Rocks.

It began in 2014 with a performance in London by Prince. This organization has had entertainment with Elvis Costello and Joss Stone. He has a site on Go Fund Me a site that helps individuals and non-profits raise money for different causes. All funds raised from Autism Rocks goes to autism research.

Autism Rocks has funded over 15 autism research projects. These projects try to find ways to identify autism early and intervene. Sanjay Shah says that when he learned his son had autism he felt he had been hit by a train. He wanted to immediately fix the problem and it not that easy. He had to learn to live with it and that was hard for him.

He entertained Snoop Dogg and his 12 member group at his home. From this visit he was motivated to set up the organization Autism Rocks and get back to music. Sanjay Shah decided to stage concerts by superstars as a way to raise money. Most money goes to the Autism Research Center in Cambridge, MA.

Sanjay Shah has worked as an investment banker for over 20 years. He worked at Morgan Stanley, Credit Susse, and Rabobank.

Solo Capital started as a small company and now employs over 100 financial experts. The experts are located in London and Dubai. The business made Sanjay a multi millionaire. He bought two mini buses for the Dubai Autism Center in 2011 for transportation due to his successful business. He contributes to the UK based organization ART regularly. Although, semi retired his business is so successful it practically runs itself.

Nicki Minaj Ignores The Human Rights Foundation Pleas Over Angola Trip

Pop star Nicki Minaj has always been a controversial figure for the content of her performances in live arenas and videos, but recently her choice of venue has caused muchmr oe offence. Minaj has accepted an invitation and a reportedly large pay check for a performance in Angola sponsored by the controversial Unitel Group. The Human Rights Foundation has detailed the many reasons why Minaj and fellow performer Gilbert Arenas should cancel their performances at the Christmas Festival in the African nation. Unitel is owned by the Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who has been classified by human rights groups as a dictator.

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has been a major force in the world of advocacy for individual rights ever since his family was affected by government interference in their lives. The Venezuelan film producer has seen his mother and father affected by government agents inflicting personal damage on them. Halvorssen has since headed up and worked for a number of different human rights organizations, which have taken him around the world on a personal mission to protect the human rights of individuals and groups.

Thor Halvorssen has been active in the world of human rights afvocacy for a number of years and got his start in this form of work fighting the regime of South Africa in the 1980s. Over the course of his career as a hunman rights advocate Thor Halvorssen has worked for a number of major charities before eventually forming the Human Rights Foundation in 2005.

In an open letter to Nicki Minaj Thor Halvorssen has detailed the major reasons why Minaj and Arenas should not attend the Christmas Festival sponsored by Unitel. The Angolan Presidency has been controled by the Dos Santos family for a number of years and Halvorssen believes the family have created a vast fortune based upon their control of the diamonds and oil of Angola. Halvorssen details his belief the Dos Santos family fortune is based upon illegal practices and the performance by NIcki Minaj should not go ahead.

Help Raise Money for Someone and Help Pay Their Bills on GoFundMe Today

GoFundMe is an online platform where anyone can create an online campaign or fundraiser to raise funds for a noble course. For instance, you could set up a fundraiser to raise money to pay hospital bills, educational expenses, funeral bills, sports team expenses and other forms of charity. With the help of GoFundMe, you can help your friends and family settle the large hospital bills or school fees straight from your phone.

How it works
• Go to GoFundMe website.
• Sign up.
• Set a goal; the amount of money you want to raise.
• Select a campaign photo.
• Explain the situation; the illness, the fees and the course for raising the money.
• Share with friends and family.

Once you’ve shared, your friends and family visit the link and make a secure online donation. The donations can be done via credit card or debit card. Every time a donation is made, you will receive an email. You can withdraw your money through the email. The person you are donating for will provide his/her banking account and will receive your money in a few days.

Fund me campaign is supporting a Crowdrise campaign to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake victims. The cause #milliondollarchallenge for Nepal victims will be used to help them raise funds for food, shelter and clothes. So far, the donations are at $ 220,010. According to the JRM ambassador program, the campaign is a challenge to the US. In the story, they indicated that they were challenged to raise money since the US only gave a 1 million dollar aid to the family and victims of Nepal.

Majeed Ekbal, the Nepal campaign leader, is a senior marketing professional and business development leader from, Chicago, Illinois. He received the title of the most viewed person on LinkedIn. He aims at helping professionals with their initiatives. He also supports underprivileged communities.

Majeed is a graduate of American University. After his graduation, he founded Expresso Inc. in the early 1990s. His company was known for its integrity, honesty and commitment that earned it recognition in the then most read newspaper; Chicago Tribune. Over the years, Ekbal’s skills have earned him positions at various companies around Chicago. However, He is very concerned with his personal project and aims to help children and victims of slavery and natural disasters all over the world. He also strives to put an end to child abuse. Find more about Majeed Ekbal on his Vimeo account.

Skout and Other Popular Apps to Download

Mobile compatible websites and apps have become increasingly popular because of their ability to encourage social interaction. There are many apps designed to improve the way we watch videos, capture images, communicate with friends and interact on the social media sites. Dating apps for instance, are designed to let users get down to the fun part of dating in a short instant. According to The Nation, some of the best apps to download in your phone or computer include GoPro, Amazon Video and Skout. The GoPro App has become the fastest way to create and share short video and photos using a GoPro camera to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Users of this app can control the camera remotely, adjust the camera settings and use features such as live preview to frame scenes.

The other outstanding feature about the GoPro app is the availability of the HiLight Tag feature which can be used to mark memorable moments and update the camera with some of the finest software’s. Amazon Video, on the other hand, is an instant video service that offers television shows and films for purchase or rental. Premium subscribers of Amazon video can receive instant video streams as well as thousands of titles, including award winning comedies such as Transparent and children series Tumble Leaf at no charge. Amazon Video also provides a select number of titles that can be downloaded offline at no charge. Subscribers can stream various titles straight into their iPads and iPhones or computers. Web users must however, have HTML5 player supported browsers.

Skout is a fast growing global network for meeting new people around the world using both proximity and preference. Skout appeals to millions of people every day because it is designed to increase the chances of making friends anywhere and at any time. Users can also get updates, buy or send gift, save your favorite users or profiles and glimpse to see who is checking you out. The other popular features on Skout include; Shake to Chat, Skout Travel and Feature me. The Shake to Chat feature is especially fun for people who love making random connections. People who use this feature can easily link and communicate with each other by chatting.

Although Skout was initially developed to be a tool for people who wanted to expand their social circle of friends. The Skout Travel feature has become one of its major draws, especially among legions of young people. Users of Skout Travel can travel virtually to anyplace in the world with the help of the local users. Since its introduction in 2014, the feature has attracted more than 10 million members. Feature me function, on the other hand, gives users the platform to become the center of attention. When you activate this feature, everyone in the community will be able to see your profile. Skout app is compatible with iOS devices and Android and can be downloaded through the App or Google Play store. The app is also available in different languages.

Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant’s Hiring

Coriant hired Shaygan Kheradpir in September 2015 to serve as their chief executive officer. Mr. Pat DiPietro used to be the CEO at Coriant, but stepped down for Shaygan Kheradpir to assume his role because of the great things that Mr. Kheradpir could make happen and has made happen in the past.

Mr. Kheradpir has served on the Cornell University Engineering Council and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology advisory board, not to mention working for Barclays and Verizon Communications in executive capacities. Shaygan Kheradpir has a profound resume, which all started when he first went to college in the United States after leaving his home country of Iran to attend Cornell University. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir majored in electrical engineering, a degree he earned three times, all the way up to a doctorate.

You can learn more about Shaygan Kheradpir’s recent addition at Coriant and a bit of Coriant’s background by browsing here

Coriant has more than one hundred customers, all of which are important businesses that rely on Coriant’s networking solutions systems. Most of these companies are communications service providers, which are effectively customer service representatives that must have computers to pull information about customers quickly, or else those customers might want to take their business elsewhere.

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the best executives of his kind. Many businesses have wanted to hire him because of the great decisions he has made, which is why Juniper Networks, GTE Laboratories, and Barclays all allowed Mr. Kheradpir a spot on their teams. Kheradpir’s education attained at Cornell University effectively served as a catalyst for Shaygan Kheradpir’s career, something that Shaygan Kheradpir would go back and complete time and time again.

Coriant has set many records and holds many patents, totaling more than fifteen hundred in total. One of the most prominent records that Coriant holds is a transmission capacity record facilitated by a hollow cord fiber at more than 55 terabytes per second.

What Everyone Should Know About CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

What is CCMP Capital

Being an investment firm that is held privately, CCMP Capital is focused on leveraged buyout and the growth of the transactions with the Capital. In the month of August, during 2006, CCMP Capital had become an independent firm. It comes as no surprise that CCMP Capital has over 50 different people who work for them and they have a wide variety of offices. Some of their offices are in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and London. Ranked as the 17th in the world’s largest equity funds, they are very knowledgeable in the growth and buying out of equity investments that are all around North America and Europe, throughout four different types of industries. Not many people actually know that the CCMP, from the name Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, comes from the company’s ancestor’s names, Chase Capital, Chemical Venture, Manufacturers Hanover, Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners.

CCMP Capital’s History

Having been called by many different names over the course of the last 20 years or so, CCMP Capital had been founded in 1984. CCMP Capital’s original name was Chemical Venture Partners. In the beginning days, CCMP Capital was meant to become a private equity and venture capital arm to the company known as Chemical Bank. In 1996, after the acquisition of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the Chemical Bank decided that they would take the Chase name and after that Chemical Venture Partners had chosen to change their name to Chase Capital Partners, and the changing of the company’s name went on from that point, until they eventually became CCMP Capital.

About Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray was an extraordinary investor on wall street journal of private equity and an amazing philanthropist. At the company CCMP Capital, he had become the President and Chief Executive Officer. In 1984, Stephen decided that he would join a credit analyst training program that Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was running. By the year 1989, Murray had decided that he would join the MH Equity Corporation. The MH Equity Corporation was a mix of the leveraged finance department and Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group. In 2005, JP Morgan Partners had Stephen leading the buyout business. Stephen was able to co-found the CCMP Capital company in the year 2006 during the month of August. He then in the year of 2007 had the great business sense to become the CEO of CCMP Capital.

Is Facebook Affecting Your Career?

Social media, especially Facebook, is a way the majority of the population pass time, stay in touch and browse media. With it being available in the form of an app it makes it even easier to scroll through your feed during lunch or during breaks at work. However according to an article on US News it can be detrimental to your career. Below are a few red flags to look for if you find yourself habitually on Facebook.

Using one profile for both your personal and professional life is a big problem that can go under the radar. It may seem silly but your personal profile is where you rant and post opinions on hot button issues. Most don’t see that a problem can surface when you’re friends with coworkers who see these things, and it may cause a rift in your office if you’ve found yourself in a heated argument with coworkers both online and off.

Privacy is another issue, you may think comments and likes are private but depending on your settings almost anyone can search your name and find things. Your colleagues and employer can easily view things that can be seen as problematic.

Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of Status Labs, thinks taking these things into consideration can help your work life more than you know. Fisher and his company work as the top PR firm, and their expertise is solely in online reputation management. They know the ins and outs of what data and information is pulled by search engines, which includes social media posts that you assume are private. His clients range from small companies, political figures, CEOs, and Fortune 500 Companies who need help rebuilding or creating an online presence.

Their expert team buries negative google search results with new and positive information as well as eliminating any negative pictures that appear in image searching. Fisher knows that media, true or false, spreads quickly online and can damage a person’s career in an instant. Status Labs works hard to rebuild online reputations and replenish the internet with truthful,helpful, and positive information.

How To Get A Good Litigation Lawyer

Looking for a reputable business law litigator in Brazil? Choosing a good legal representative may be an overwhelming task. Your success rests on just how you select your legal representative and who you end up with and it’s easy to come down with a bad case of analysis paralysis. If you follow the right steps, however, you could have far better success-and equally as importantly endure much less aggravation, in your journey throughout the legal system.

Once you have a list of potential attorneys, take the time to find out more about the lawyer’s practice. Check out the web site thoroughly, including posts that give a little more insight into the attorney’s expertise, philosophy, record or knowledge of the law. There are also sites that supply lists of attorneys that practice by jurisdiction, with links to information and the firm’s website.

A few clients could be terrified about having to be in court over a lawsuit, as they could face costs or prison time, and litigation legal representatives help them talk about their trial options and arrange needed documents for evidence.

As a reputable litigation attorney, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho helps his clients by developing a legal strategy that is designed to get them the best outcome in their case. Clients involved in legal actions want an experienced litigation lawyer. Ricardo Tosto is highly experienced and has provided top notch representation for over 22 years.

Litigation law is quite detailed and the cases are usually large. Numerous employees handle each situation and most situations take a lot of time to bring to trial. Sometimes cases get resolved through negotiation and arbitration, and Mr Ricardo Tosto is an expert in various areas of business and corporate law. If a case can be settled out of court, Ricardo Tosto has the expertise to get the best possible deal for his clients. .