Medical Staffing Made Easy

Brian Torchin is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors ,Llc. The Pennsylvania former physician Brian Torchin has extensive experience in the medical field, being a chiropractor himself, Brian understands the needs and challenges of a medical practice. Along with the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, Brian Torchin dreamed that they could provide their health care clientele with the best health care staff possible, a point he’s dedicated to making on Twitter. They achieved that dream. They provide staffing for everyday of the week and even nights. The company vows to provide quality staffing everytime. Brian Torchin cares so much about this industry that he even posts blogs weekly talking about different topics of the field, educating those who may not be as knowledgeable as he is. The HCRC works specifically with chiropractic private practices search for employees.They also work with hospitals looking to fill medical jobs and physical therapy. The HCRC provides consulting, background checks, and training to help any practice run smoothly, and it’s all a part of the healthcare industry working to staff new jobs.

On his Google + Brian Torchin says “The biggest challenge is having the ability to find staff quickly”. Every week that you are not billing, you are losing thousands of dollars. With experience as a chiropractor in a private practice himself, Brian Torchin is the best candidate for this job. He is becoming the top medical staffer in the world, with services branching in Europe and Asia, Canada and Australia. He states that they can find your medical staff in 48 hours. Brian Torchin still practices as a chiropractor in Philadelphia, Pa on 2800 w Dauphin st 19019, and is amazing with back pain, neck pain , and stiffness.

In a staffing agency, there isn’t a lot of stability with the workers. With Health Care Recruitment Counselors and Brian Torchin, they make sure they do an in depth check on each recruit candidate. Torchin is a trusted member in the industry, and with him at the job you will receive the best staffing possible.