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Flavio Maluf Acts As The President Of The Eucatex Company, And He Has Been Actively Involved In The Firm’s Affairs For Over 30 Years. He Is An Accomplished Mechanical Engineer, An Entrepreneur, And A Lawyer. His Father, Paulo Maluf, Was A Brazilian Politician. The Maluf Family Is The Legal Administrators Of The Eucatex Firm. Flavio Maluf Graduated From The Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation That Is Located In Sao Paolo. He Has Also Lived Briefly In The United States, Where He Attended The New York University. He Managed To Graduate With A Qualification In Business Administration.

Flavio Maluf Started Working For The Eucatex Company In 1987, as a part of joining the family business. He Served For Quite Some Time Before Moving To The Industrial Area In 1996. The Same Year Saw Him Becoming The Chief Executive Officer Of Eucatex Group Of Companies. He Initiated Collaboration With Other Investors, Something That Made The Company Post Good Results. He Was In Charge Of Modernization In The Company And In 2010, Flavio Maluf Steered The Enterprise In Opening Many Branches. One Of The Plants Was Opened In Salto That Is Located In Sao Paolo. His Facebook shows that Flavio Is Active In Making Contributions To Philanthropic Causes That Are Of Benefit To The Society. He Has Made Donations That Have Made An Impact On Many Hospitals And Maternity Idio Carli.

Eucatex Company Was Launched In 1951, And It Was The First Brazilian Company To Specialize In Working On Issues Related To The Environment And Acoustic Comfort. The Company Became Famous For Using Eucalyptus For The Production Of Ceiling Panels And Tiles. Its Area Of Specialization Is In The Furniture And Construction Industries. Since It Started Working In The Furniture Business, It Has Involved Itself In Leasing And Forestry Partnership With Other Organizations. All The Groups And Organizations That Have Had A Partnership With The Company Have Greatly Benefited.

The Environmental Education Program Has Immensely Assisted The Students Who Are In Need. Most Of The Products That Are Produced By The Eucatex Company Are Exported To Other Countries, Something That Has Led To The Company Registering A Lot Of Profits For The Venture. Flavio Maluf Has Ensured That The Company Succeeds In Exports, And He Has Proved To Be A Confident And Knowledgeable Businessman. This Is Because He Has Been Able To Build A Business From Startup To An Enterprise With Global Presence. Flavio Has Been At The Forefront In Ensuring That The Company Has A Workforce Of A Competent And Experienced Group Of Executives Who Are Capable Of Understanding Both The Brazilian And The Global Market.  There are a ton of cool articles about what Flavio has been doing to help new Entrepreneurs in Brazil.  All of which are definitely worth a read.