Lime Crime: A Short Introduction

There’s nothing like feeling incredible about the way you look. While there are several resources you can utilize to accomplish this objective, make-up is oftentimes one of the most effective. As a company committed to empowering clients to look and feel their best, Lime Crime is a business you should consider when you’re ready to invest in cosmetics.

Lime Crime: A Short Introduction

Lime Crime is an innovative make-up company designed for the purpose of helping iconoclastic individuals express their potential to develop distinct identities. To put this aesthetic process in motion, the Lime Crime professionals manage a website through which women and men can purchase top notch make-up products like eyeliners and lip gloss.

The Methodology

DollsKill really shows that Lime Crime’s methodology is profoundly customer-oriented. Deere is passionate about hearing back from her clients, whom she affectionately refers to as “unicorns.” Additionally, she maintains a top notch, highly functional website which helps to expedite and optimize the customer’s online shopping experience. The website also features a cutting edge blog where shoppers can gain more information about beauty and fashion news.

More About The Company’s CEO

Doe Deere is a woman who recognizes and responds to the power of using the aesthetic realm as a sphere through which to generate a sense of self while simultaneously having fun. Deere has been experimenting with make-up and clothes since childhood, and her passion for these sectors grows with each passing year. Deere’s personal philosophy regarding make-up is that it can and should be used to express an individual’s ideology, mood, perspective, or simple desire to engage and enjoy the aesthetic realm. She has stated on Lime Crime’s Facebook that Doe hopes to inspire other female entrepreneurs to realize their personal and professional dreams.