Why Are the French So Good at Fashion?

Fashion just seems to come easy to French women. But why is that the universal consensus? Is it because they live near the fashion capital of the world, Paris? How do they get that effortless look?

Not every French woman can have this highly fashionable regard, but it is true that most French ladies seem to have the special touch. Here, you will find a few reasons why this is and how you can adopt their strategies and styles to be just as fashionable.

1. They’re not afraid to not match.

Mixing and matching fabrics, prints and styles with elegance is the French way.

2. They study fashion like a science.

French women read French magazines and blogs such as justfab.com. justfab.com is a fashion retailer that has wealth of information about the newest styles and trends in the fashion world. This site also carries several selections of handbags, denim, shoes, jewelry and other super stylish accessories for women. French women love this site.

Personal stylist of JustFab on youtube helps their members. They give fashion tips to every members who needs them. JustFab has collections of different fashion styles for women and children that they can use for different occasions and for their everday fashion.

3. They don’t go crazy with hair and makeup.

Another thing you will notice about French women is that despite having excellent fashion sense, they do not go crazy with hair and makeup. In other words, they don’t use a lot of foundation and heavy eyeliner. Mostly, you will see done up brows and a little mascara and blush. If they don’t use eye makeup, only then will they use lipstick.

4. They keep a good figure but don’t obsess.

French women are indeed worried about their figures, but they’re not so worried that they go to the gym every day. Simply put, they eat healthy but heartily, and they get exercise because they are always walking to get where they need to go. It’s the European way.

5. They don’t flaunt their assets.

You’re not going to find a French woman with tons of cleavage or skin revealing cutouts in her blouse or dress. This just isn’t the French way. Sure, they may have a low neckline or a tight skirt, but French women don’t show skin the way some women in other countries do.