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In this article Doe Deere was interviewed about her rise to success and on what really laid the foundation of her entrepreneurship. Deere speaks on how her biggest dream was to become a musician and she made that happen after moving to New York at the age of seventeen. She also talks about how the idea of her own brand of makeup came about. Most cosmetic brands did not offer bright and unique colors. Deere may have always had a hidden knack for business as she sold wash off tattoos as a young child. Her persuasive talk was able to convince the other children that temporary tattoos was in style.

Doe Deere grew up in Russia and moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She performed in a band where she met her husband and she tells of how well they work together now because of being in the band together and playing shows. Doe Deere did not always dream of being a business person until she realized her want for variety when it came to makeup. After being able to see that other women felt the same way she did that is when she started Lime Crime, her makeup line.

Deere focuses on having the best quality makeup for her customers and therefore she tests new makeup on herself before releasing it to the public. This is something that makes Deere and her line of makeup unique because not many companies use themselves as a guinea pig for their products. Deere also shows customer appreciation by having her actual customers and social media followers model makeup and different looks for the Lime Crime Website. Doe Deere sends the message across that it is okay to be different and that every individual has a special quality in the world that no other person has. Doe Deere is a great role model for women and girls who feel that they are outcasts.

Read the interview here: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true&slide=8

A Product That Covers All Requirements, WEN By Chaz Dean

The WEN hair conditioning cleanser is a 5 in 1 solution. The product contains a conditioner, shampoo, detangler, deep conditioner as well as a leave in conditioner. This makes the product incredibly easy to use. This is reinforced by an article that was posted on Bustle.com where Emily McClure tests out the sephora marketed conditioning cleanser for several days to find out if the product is indeed as good.

During the first use Emily noticed her hair feeling noticeably thicker with a lot less hair falling out mid shower. This was a common experience with other products she had tried in the past. As well as looking more shiny and bouncy the hair just looked a lot more moist and manageable.

Chaz Dean had a love for photography when he first moved to Los Angeles. During several professional photography course he grew to love cosmetology and soon enrolled in cosmetology school. The rest is history as Chaz Dean has made a real name for himself servicing the celebrities in Hollywood. His talent and passion for hair is something people really like about him. Not only does he have a zen like aura he ensures that all customers get their hair dreams fulfilled.

Emily found that the this QVC advertised product line really did promise what it advertised and that she would be using WEN conditioning cleanser when she wanted that extra bit of shine for her hair. The Fig Scented conditioning cleanser is the one she used for the 7 day trial and it made her hair feel and look great. Even her friends noticed the difference in her hair and all asked what she had been doing. The Wen hair collection transforms any type of hair into great hair every time.

Product FAQ? http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Two Million Plus Followers In Instagram, Shows People Love Lime Crime

In less that a year the company Lime Crime, a makeup company based in LA has doubled their worldwide followers on Instagram. That just goes to show that people love the company of Lime Crime. It is clear why too. This company is all about being unique and creative. These two things are seem crystal clear in the Lime Crime business model and in the CEO and Founder, Doe Deere. Doe took these creative insights that people love and added them to her company’s social media experience. On Instagram people are using Lime Crime and posting their fan photos with some amazing results. Deere has went above and beyond just pushing her makeup products which seems to be the typical norm used by cosmetic companies. Deere has created a community which is fun and engaging for the users of Instagram.

Lime Crime has so many things going in favor of their makeup users. All of their cosmetic products are cruelty free and allow the user to have freedom of expression in their use. Lime Crime and their customers are proving each and every day that cosmetics is not just a way to cover up imperfections. Lime Crime is all about personal expression and freedom. As for their social media platforms, Instagram is not the only one the company uses. Lime Crime can be found on other forms of social media too, wherever there is a Lime Crime makeup user ready to express themselves, Lime Crime is there. So, if you or someone you know is looking to take your makeup wearing to the next level, Lime Crime is the company for you.

Lime Crime has everything a makeup user could want. There are products for the lips and eyes and even bundles that go well together. With this company it is all about having a choice. There is nothing boring here. You can wear this for your nine to five job or for the after party. It’s all about the way you use it, as makeup should be. You can use the makeup and add your photo to the masses by using the hashtag #Limecrime on Twitter. You will feel happy to be part of the online community rich in Lime Crime users.

George Soros Empowers Immigrant Voters

It is no secret that businessman and philanthropist George Soros is not a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In fact, George Soros feels so strongly about the potential damage that a Trump presidency could do to the future of the U.S., that he has announced that he will be contributing $5 million to a super PAC with the hope of mobilizing Latino and immigrant voters in opposing trump for the presidential election. The super PAC is called Immigrant Voters Win and is also supported by several wealthy philanthropists. In total, the campaign has raised $15 million in funding from donors to help encourage immigrant voters to get out the vote this November. The goal of the super PAC is to have at least 400,000 new Latino and immigrant voters by this coming general election. While this may seem like a lofty aspiration, the super PAC is already gaining momentum and has hit the ground running with enthusiasm from donors and supporters alike.

The motivation behind Soros’ participation in the super PAC is primarily the hateful rhetoric on nybooks.com that Trump has recently used to describe Mexican immigrants to the U.S. In particular, Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists and thieves, as part of the justification for his plan to build a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico to purportedly keep out unwanted Mexican immigrants from entering the U.S. illegally. Soros says he is also concerned about the anti-Muslim rhetoric used by Trump in the last few months, which Soros said is extremely dangerous for the future of our country and relations abroad. In light of the insensitive language that frequently comes out of the Trump campaign, Soros sees an opportunity to mobilize Latino and immigrant voters against the real estate mogul and get them out to the polls in record numbers this November.
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As an immigrant himself, Soros is highly sensitive to protecting the rights of immigrants around the world. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, Soros knows exactly what it is like to have to escape from one’s country or government. He fled to England in 1947 because he had to escape the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. After his escape, he was able to study economic and finance in London and then moved to the U.S. to begin what would become an extremely successful career. This goes to show why Soros is so committed to defending immigrant rights.

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Bob Reina And His Success With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. Talk Fusion enables small and large companies to grow their business through training and marketing resources. The goal of Talk Fusion is to connect people in a way that is innovative and unique. Talk Fusion enables companies and individuals to do video emails, and they also help their customers to use the power of email marketing. Talk Fusion enables video and email newsletters, live meetings, and video chats to be performed through their interface. Talk Fusion is able to make marketing more engaging and precise. Talk Fusion has been able to help many different businesses all around the world to increase their net profits and their sales. Talk Fusion makes a promise to their customers to continue to be innovative and give them the leading edge technology when it comes to their business marketing. Talk Fusion has the following motto: It is our business to grow your business.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is known to be a man who has a very great sense of humor, and he also realizes the importance of self-discipline when it comes to starting up and growing a business. Reina was an individual that had to juggle many different jobs while he was studying at the University of South Florida. Reina eventually graduated as one of the top students in his Police Academy class. Reina has a passion for marketing and he ended up changing his career, because he had a vision of something better. His vision was to create a marketing technology company, and that is exactly what he did.

Reina first got the idea to start talk fusion in 2004 when he wanted to attach video clips to an email that he sent out. When he realized he could not do that, he wanted to find a way to place a video in an email and then market that through a direct selling model. That one simple idea changed his entire life, and that is how he came to create Talk Fusion. Reina is not only an entrepreneur, but he is an individual that inspires others to reach great success through innovative ideas and hard work.

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Getting Slim with Nutrimost

I have never been a fan of dieting so when my facebook friends mentioned NutriMost I didn’t even stop to pay this much attention. When I heard that it was a plan that was developed by a chiropractor I had to pump the brakes and take a serious look at this. It appeared to be something that was different so I had to check it out.
I was glad that I did. I will admit that it sounds challenging to stay within the 500 calorie count that the diet recommends, but I like a challenge. I have discovered that this is a plan that was developed by Dr. Mitch Gordon, and he had an idea that many people had never considered before. This is a customized plan. It is going to fit me and my eating habits. That is what I have found to be the most refreshing about NutriMost. So many plans are just cookie cutter forms of dieting that do not work for everyone. I was so naive to think that I could just grab a dieting book in the past and lose weight the way that everyone else did. The NutriMost plan helps me see that people gain weight in different ways and they also lose it in different ways.

I have been trying the plan a week, and I seem to be right on target for losing the weight that I wanted to lose. I think that people that have been skeptical about losing weight will change their minds now that Nutrimost is available. It is the plan that keeps you mindful of the technology that you need to embed in your dieting. This shows people about the new wave of customized plans created by nutrimost.com that help people based on where they are with losing weight individually.

Sources: http://wtnh.com/2016/04/12/nutrimost-weightloss-program-helps-shed-pounds/




What White Shark Media Can Do For You And How They Resolve Issues

If you’ve started up a company, particularly one that engages in e-commerce, you’ll know that setting up shop online is only half the battle. Probably the biggest hurdle for business owners is increasing their visibility online through various marketing techniques such as SEO, and even more importantly SEM. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

While you certainly can take on both your website and marketing management, it can be extremely time-consuming and when you focus on one of the two, you end up falling behind on the other and lose traffic. White Shark Media gives their clients the opportunity to outsource SEM to their team of experts, so that they have more time to focus on managing their website and running the day-to-day of their business. Read more: White Shark Media – Facebook
White Shark Media’s team of experts specifically help their clients develop and manage campaigns primarily based on Google AdWords and use all marketing methods from pay-per-click ads to other SEM and SEO traffic generators.

White Shark Media has only been around for about 5 years, but they’ve quickly gained the attention of both Google and Microsoft, partnering with both of them in their small to midsized business platforms (Get full details as you read more: White Shark Media | Company Overview on topseos). While the service they offer hasn’t come free of bumps in the road, they have worked to streamline it better for clients.

Among the issues that White Shark Media has worked to become more proficient at solving, one is not deviating away from ad campaigns that have been successful in the past. In the online marketing world, ad campaigns do have to be refreshed and updated to make sure they don’t fall behind the ever changing times, but White Shark Media will not fix anything that’s not broken. So if their are certain aspects of a client’s ad campaign that have worked well in the past, the teams of strategists and supervisors will keep those aspects in new campaigns.

Also, to better keep clients in the loop, White Shark Media has also implemented better communication lines to be reached at. Now clients can have monthly review meetings done through GoToMeeting, and can reach their contact person via telephone should the need arise. White Shark Media has certainly understood the need to be readily available to clients when issues come up and makes sure they are kept in the loop at all times.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints: http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

Skout is the Superhero to San Francisco’s Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area’s Campaign

Skout, known to most as the most popular mobile app service for connecting to new friends from around the globe is doing something very superhero worthy on National Superhero Day, April 28th. For every virtual superhero-themed gift given on the network tomorrow Skout is making a donation to Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation until a complete Wish is entirely funded.

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area

For those who don’t know, Make-A-Wish foundation funds kids with life-threatening medical diseases. The Greater Bay Area foundation began service to the community in 1984, and that year funded 27 wishes of hope and joy for very sick children. Since then it has spent the last 32 years fulfilling the deepest hopes and dreams of terribly sick children to the tune of about 370 wishes a year. The area alone has already funded over 7,200 wishes. For those who know of a life-threatening sick child in the surrounding 19 counties of the Bay Area they can add a child as a candidate for a wish at www.SF.Wish.org.

While 19 counties is a large area, Skout, also located in the Bay area, supports users in 180+ countries, in 16 different languages and is growing every day. Skout’s available for both iOS, Windows and Android and is the number one social connection app today. But Skout is no stranger to philanthropic donations tied to their virtual gifts. In the last year alone, over 400,000 virtual gifts have had a charitable designation to support a myriad of causes.

Skout’s Charity in San Francisco

In the San Francisco area alone Skout has raised a nationwide awareness regarding the more than 30,000 that face hunger in the area every day. They have contributed to the SF-Marin Food Bank, they have also contributed towards animals with Muttville and Cat Town. In addition, they have had wellness exams for aged dogs and have covered many costs of adoption for cats.

Superhero Stats

So Skout is a philanthropically minded superhero, according to a survey of Skout users. 44% of those surveyed said that selflessness is what makes a superhero. Other survey results were quite revealing. Apparently, if you ask men then Superman is the best American superhero, women disagree and say Batman, think it’s the black???

According to the survey the most coveted superhero skill is flying at 29%, 22% said super strength, and another 17% said speed. Naturally, the best superhero ride is the bat-mobile, but Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane had a reported 20% as did X-Men’s Blackbird, and 12% for the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty.

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Shah Wins Bet

Sanjah Shah is a winner again. He is included in a list of London based hedge fund companies that have a very unique way of betting. Some might think that it is a sure bet. The group makes money by betting on the European sovereign debt markets. It is a well known fact that Sanjah Shah and Solo Capital were a part of that profitable group and paid an enormous amount for their participation.

About Sanjah Shah
Sanjah Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital Markets. Sanjah Shah is a very successful business man that is sought after for advice on a wide variety of business topic by those just starting out in the business world, and the more experienced business executives. Solo Capital Markets is only one of the many companies that Shah is affiliated with today. Solo Capital Markets is the head company and they are primarily investing their energy with proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments.

Most people know Shah as a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. However, Shah’s early career interest were in medicine. Shah had high hopes of joining those in the medical community and becoming a doctor. However, Shah decided later on, perhaps his true calling was in another direction. He instead focused on starting an accounting career. Shah worked for several investment banks. After the financial crisis fiasco, Shah had difficulty finding a position with another firm. He decided to start his own brokerage firm.

Sanjah Shah is also a philanthropist and actively supports several charity causes. One of note is Autism Rocks. The organization is very adept at raising world awareness of Autism. This is a condition that few people really know much about, except for the families that are dealing with the problem. Shah is actively raising money through rock concerts to support and fund the cause.

If You Brush Your Hair More, Will It Grow Faster?

There always seems to be experiments going on with women and their hair. Some women claim that skipping daily washings can improve the quality of their hair and the latest suggestion is that brushing your hair thoroughly each day can result in your hair growing thicker and faster than ever before.

Keep in mind, if you brush your hair when wet or you brush your hair with an inexpensive brush, this can result in breaking or damaging your hair. The optimal brush to use is one that is made out of boar’s hair or a more natural material. A brush of this type will not only detangle your hair but it will also help redistribute the natural oils on your hair. This results in shinier and healthier looking hair. Over time it can cause the hair to become stronger as well.

There could be medical proof behind this theory. A number of dermatologists do confirm that when you stimulate the scalp by brushing daily, this can aid in proper circulation and sebum being distributed along the scalp. You won’t likely achieve a few inches in just a few weeks, but you might see a difference over the course of a few months.

Wengie, an Australian beauty blogger, often gives many great tips relating to healthy hair and proper maintenance. Her information is designed to help you achieve the results you are looking for while staying on top of the latest beauty trends. Brushing daily can help keep your hair and your scalp healthy, so that your hair will shine and be ready for the latest styles and cuts.