Two Million Plus Followers In Instagram, Shows People Love Lime Crime

In less that a year the company Lime Crime, a makeup company based in LA has doubled their worldwide followers on Instagram. That just goes to show that people love the company of Lime Crime. It is clear why too. This company is all about being unique and creative. These two things are seem crystal clear in the Lime Crime business model and in the CEO and Founder, Doe Deere. Doe took these creative insights that people love and added them to her company’s social media experience. On Instagram people are using Lime Crime and posting their fan photos with some amazing results. Deere has went above and beyond just pushing her makeup products which seems to be the typical norm used by cosmetic companies. Deere has created a community which is fun and engaging for the users of Instagram.

Lime Crime has so many things going in favor of their makeup users. All of their cosmetic products are cruelty free and allow the user to have freedom of expression in their use. Lime Crime and their customers are proving each and every day that cosmetics is not just a way to cover up imperfections. Lime Crime is all about personal expression and freedom. As for their social media platforms, Instagram is not the only one the company uses. Lime Crime can be found on other forms of social media too, wherever there is a Lime Crime makeup user ready to express themselves, Lime Crime is there. So, if you or someone you know is looking to take your makeup wearing to the next level, Lime Crime is the company for you.

Lime Crime has everything a makeup user could want. There are products for the lips and eyes and even bundles that go well together. With this company it is all about having a choice. There is nothing boring here. You can wear this for your nine to five job or for the after party. It’s all about the way you use it, as makeup should be. You can use the makeup and add your photo to the masses by using the hashtag #Limecrime on Twitter. You will feel happy to be part of the online community rich in Lime Crime users.