The Free in FreedomPop

As the name suggests, FreedomPop is all about being free. This is one of the most innovative new carriers because customers are learning about the services they can get for free. While many other carriers will charge a ton of money for their services, FreedomPop offers people to pay a much smaller price for services. They even allow their customers some service for free. Now, FreedomPop is offering more types of services for free. This is WhatsApp service. WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows people to get in touch with others on their Facebook account for free.

FreedomPop is launching its free WhatsApp service in Spain. As of right now, Spain is the only country that is going to get this service. One reason behind this is FreedomPop is not partnered with Facebook to do this. This is all voluntarily done by FreedomPop. The mobile carrier is actually the first to take WhatsApp on its own and set up a workable model without the help of Facebook. This is one of the reasons why FreedomPop remains successful. The people behind the company always come up with new idea that will save them a lot of time and money. They also come up with good business models that will help them better serve their customers.

Since it has been founded, FreedomPop has been moving really fast in its efforts to succeed as a business. It is very important to remember that even those that are not able to pay for any service will be able to get some form of service for free. FreedomPop offers 200 minutes, 200MB of data and 200 texts. Customers also have the option of buying some more service so that they can enjoy what FreedomPop has to offer. As of right now, they are looking for ways to save money in other countries where they are planning to offer phone service.

The original article was released on VentureBeat.

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