A Revolutionary All In One Product By Chaz Called Wen

Emil Mcclure, a passionate haircare fanatic, recently posted a short blog describing her experience with the new Haircare products known as Wen by Chaz Dean [see, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. Chaz Dean is the famous hairstylist and all round hair guru from Hollywood, California. He has been specializing for years in hair care for the rich and famous. Emily takes the all in one conditioner through its paces and shares it on Bustle.com. Her findings are remarkable as the all in one conditioner makes her hair feel both stronger and fuller after just a single use. The natural shine of her hair exudes due to the conditioner making use of the hairs natural oils. The product does not contain any sulfates that are found in other common hair products and therefore does not have the harsh after effects.
Emily Mcclure also found that the product she bought from sephora was fairly easy to use. There are a few tips and tricks that are recommended in order to get the most out of it. For example, make sure to apply the correct amount of shampoo depending on the length of hair. Short, medium or long hair require different amounts of product. Also what works well is to massage in the product into the tips of the hair after the first initial application. This allows for an even smoother finish.

Chaz Dean has made an excellent product making use of the years of hands on experience and knowledge that he has gathered in his salon. The product was tested directly on his clients to give accurate feedback. WEN has sold over 40 million bottles in the 16 years it has been available. Many women swear by it and Emily Mcclure urges those interested to give it a try.