Class Dojo Has A Strategy For Improving Education Through The Community

Clas Dojo has a mission to change the way education is received for everyone by releasing their learning program. They hope to turn the school environment into a positive one and bring the school community closer together. So far Class Dojo has been very successful and is currently being used by thousands of classrooms in nearly two thirds of all schools within the US. Class Dojo founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, decided to create the program because while there were many educational applications out there, none of them really improve communication or come cheap.

Over time, technology has advanced enough to allow people the ability to communicate at long distances quickly and easily, and this same technology is being presented in education with Class Dojo, since it is also a communication platform. Instructors, students, and parents can all be more involved and strengthen the school communities for the better. The program can be used easily with many devices, including laptops, tablets, and of course nearly all smartphones.

Instead of the usual parent teacher conferences or sending children home with notes, teachers can now send direct messages to parents to discuss or inform. Instructors can also share photos and videos through the app with students and parents to share moments from the classroom. Parents can stay informed on school events and holidays through the app as well as check in on their child’s behavior or progress in class. This will help parents stay more active with their child’s schooling and help children become more engaged in the classroom with their parent’s encouragement.

All students can have a special avatar monster while using Class Dojo, and can also view feedback and notes from their teacher. The app requires no personal information for students or parents to join, and participating is as simple as accepting an invite from the class teacher.

With continued success, Class Dojo plans on improving their program and expanding their team as well as the company in order to make their vision a reality, to change education for the better. Since it is being used in more than 180 countries, Class Dojo is well on their way to changing the school environment around the globe.


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