Securus Probes Into Phone Hacking At Hundreds Of Correctional Facilities

Securus technology is investigating the recent hack to thousands of prison calls that jeopardized client-attorney privileges. A recent article in the Intercept has posted that records will show the breach of security that involves privacy for inmates and their legal counsel. Securus has not be accused of any wrongdoing and continues their probe into the breach of privacy into inmate calls. Over 70 million records are involved with over 37 states being actively investigated. Indeed, Securus Technologies to be the leader in correctional facility communication, inmate calls, and surveillance technology. “A massive hack in this manner must be investigated,” says Securus Technologies.

Unfortunately, records show thousands of downloaded links to phone calls that should not be made available to the public in that manner. Most of the calls were privileged and confidential calls. The breach of security and recorded calls violate the Constitution. It also effects the legal right to have effective counsel. The calls in no way should have ever been recorded. Securus is committed to protecting the rights of inmate communication and the laws and regulations put into place to secure inmate communication. The investigation has been under way for the past two years by Securus Technologies.

Securus markets itself to the government under contract that will ensure that inmates get the confidentiality they are entitled to. Furthermore, the government can have access to the files they need through the proper channels for court proceedings and other legal issues. When an attorney speaks to their client it is suppose to be in confidentiality, but a hacker has gotten over 70 million calls and decided to post them online with downloadable links. This is unacceptable to Securus as they continue to find out who the hacker is and how they can continue to secure communication technology for correctional facilities.