Three Unique DIY School Supplies Crafted by Wengie

School shopping is done, lunches are packed, and the buses are fueled to pick you up in the morning. Going back to school is a stressful time for both children and adults, so it is important to find things to look forward to. Wengie is here to help with that through the use of her DIY school supplies video that is perfect for standing out in a way that will benefit your academics and hopefully has you make some new friends.


  1. Make Your Own USB Holders


There are so many cute erasers in the world, but so few adorable USB holders! Thankfully, Wengie found a way to combine the two in a way that is simple and incredibly epic.


Begin with finding a cute, unique eraser. Using a knife and pair of scissors, cut it in half and begin digging a hole that will encase your USB. Though this can be time consuming, the end result is worth it. Of course, repeat the process on the other side to ensure that the USB will be properly protected when not in use.


  1. Goodbye Pencil Shavings, Hello Cute Holder


A typical pencil sharpener cannot sharpen your pencil without leaving a mess of shavings in its wake. In order to save your backpack or desk from these shavings, simply take a tic tac holder and glue the sharpener to the portion that the tic tacs would come out of. You can decorate the holder to your liking, too! In her video, the blogger made an adorable mini-Starbucks cup for her holder.


  1. Customize Your Paper Clips


Sure, paper clips come in a vast array of colors, but they are comparatively boring otherwise. Thankfully, you can carefully bend them into cute shapes, including hearts. The finished product can hold your papers in place and serve a decorative purpose perfect for customizing your notebooks, planners, backpacks, and even your clothes.