Doe Deere’s Self Confidence Shines as She Tells Others To Follow Their Dreams

Although it is less unusual now than it was a decade ago, bright colored hair still turns heads and not always in a good way. For Doe Deere, the bright colored hair and flawless make up has made her an icon in the make-up world but how did she get her start?

Born in Russia, she grew up there and dreamed of being in a band. She also had a short term business when she was thirteen, she started wearing temporary tattoos and making them cool. In doing so, she was able to start selling the tattoos. Four years later she moved to New York City and followed her passion for music. This passion for music allowed her to create a band. The band helped her learn things such as work was not always fun, marketing, and being grateful for people who supported her.

She lived in Manhattan for a short while and then in Brooklyn for nine of her fourteen years in New York City. One of the band members eventually became her husband. Working together, writing songs and promoting the band allowed them to learn to collaborate with each other well.

Doe’s advice to aspiring youth is to find your unique inner-self, go where you love and let that passion blossom from there. Originally she felt very alone in her thinking but it was the realization that others felt the same way as her that allowed Deere to create Lime Crime. In 2008, when the rest of the world was still into the all-natural look, she gravitated towards bright colors. This allowed her company to be profitable from the beginning.

Lime Crime is proud of giving people the freedom to be themselves without fear of judgment, no matter if it is their clothes, makeup or hair! Found exclusively online, they are taking the internet by storm, with people expressing themselves and feeling more confident about themselves. Created by the “ever-changing, self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen”, people who wear her make-up do not have to worry about things like cruelty to animals either. Her biggest source of inspiration is her followers and she encourages everyone to follow their day dreams!

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