Doe Deere Believes Success Hinges on Treating People with Respect

Doe Deere is a name that has become synonymous with freedom of expression. Her passion for creativity is what led her to create one of the most successful Internet-based cosmetic companies today. As a successful young female in the world of business, Ms. Deere is often asked to speak at gatherings focused on helping women achieve their business goals. Ms. Deere is often quoted as saying she does not believe in using the old school methods for ruling over her employees, but rather prefers to treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.


Doe Deere’s line of cosmetics was born out of her own personal preference for color. She has always gravitated toward colors that were bright and bold. She actually began her career by creating her own line of clothing for the fashion industry. The name Lime Crime was based on her favorite color and intended to be used for her newly created fashion line. Choosing to model all of her clothes herself, Doe created her own unique makeup looks to accentuate the fashions she had designed. Little did she know it would be her extremely bold colors for makeup that would lead her to become the successful founder of an Internet-based cosmetic company.


Maintaining a Successful Company


There are several different aspects to maintaining a successful company. Ms. Deere often comments about the experiences she had with other jobs in her life, which taught her the importance of staying true to her own vision. This belief is also why she always tries out any new product ideas on herself before introducing them to her loyal fans. She is insists on keeping the standard of her cosmetic line true to what she initially intended it to represent. When making business decisions she also relies on her gut instinct as much or even more than she relies on any gathered information.


Ms. Deere has always shown her customers the same courtesy and respect she gives to her employees, vendors and business partners. The only regret she has about her company was not having a customer service department available when the product line first launched. She feels very fortunate to have a well-staffed customer service department that helps keep the lines of communication open to her customers so they remain happy.


Giving Back to the Community


Not only can Doe Deere’s philosophies on business be seen in the way she treats her employees and customers, but it can also be seen in the different ventures she chooses to become involved in. As an animal lover with three cats of her own, two of which are rescues, she is proud to support an animal rescue organization that helps rehabilitate the animals they receive.