Vacations Are One Of The Perks Of Being A Magnises Member

In the recent past, Magnises put together a great vacation to Exuma, which are islands that are clustered together in the Bahamas, and these are a beautiful set of islands too. Only Magnises members were invited to this get-together, so those who hadn’t gotten their membership were left out. No one likes to be left out of the mix, especially to something so fabulous as a vacation on an island, so get in on the fun by purchasing your own Magnises membership. What you may be thinking is that you don’t want to join anything that requires a membership, but it’s only a one-time fee and last for a year.

It’s almost guaranteed that after you start using your membership, you will always want to make sure you have it active and will continue to renew it year after year. Many people have different things to say about Magnises, but there are so many positive reviews it’s difficult to list all of them. One special thing to note is the fact that members are always able to get discounts of many different kinds. Discounts on food, gym memberships, drinks, tickets and much more. There are even lifestyle perks to help you get even more discounts.

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Obtaining a lifestyle perk, which is a pass, this is an excellent idea for any Magnises member. Granted, not every member of Magnises is going to want a lifestyle perk because it may not be something that they would use personally, so it’s completely up to the user if they choose to get a pass or not. The different kinds of passes that Magnises now has is the SportsPass, the ClubPass, the WorkPass, and the HotelPass. These passes were added in the year 2016 and have taken off in popularity.

The ClubPass of Magnises is popular because of the fact that it’s an access granted pass to any nightclub. Don’t play the fool by standing in line and hoping that you’ll get to go in the club because there is never a guarantee, even if you have all the right information and the money in hand to pay the cover charge. Some nightclubs just like to turn people away because it makes the club much more popular, so using your ClubPass will make sure you don’t end up being turned away but will get to party inside the club and have fun.

You’ll also want to seriously consider getting the HotelPass if staying in different luxury hotels is your thing. Don’t ever pay full price again, especially when you use your HotelPass, so you can get some top-notch discounts that can be as much as 50% off per night or more. Those who are considering getting any type of pass from Magnises will still have all kinds of benefits to gain from their membership, and they’ll see that paying the $250 fee is nothing because the benefits far outweigh the cost of the membership. Make 2016 the year that you join as a Magnises member.

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