The Traveling Vineyard Sets A New Standard For Wine Sales

The Direct Sales Method
The Traveling Vineyard doesn’t use the traditional marketing methods common in the wine industry. They rely on wine guides, people like you they have trained to sell wine, to get the word out. This model appears to be working.

The Traveling Vineyard is seeing millions in sales and it’s giving people who never thought they would have the chance to make money for themselves. There isn’t much to learn before anyone can make themselves a wine guide and the sky is the limit.

The Difference It Makes
The Traveling Vineyard focus on direct sales is enabling people to enter new professions who would have never considered it before. If you don’t want to have others boss you around this is the perfect set up for you. After the initial training period and low start up costs you’ll never have to worry about anyone telling you what to do. You make all of your decisions and you decide how much you want to sell each month. Compare this to what other jobs you might be able to find and what those jobs would demand of you.

How Much Money Can You Earn?
The best part about working for the Traveling Vineyard is that you can decide how much money you make. Some people are only interested in using this job as a way to make some side money. They’ll be happy with $100 or so a month. Others want to treat this like a full time job and would prefer to make a bit more in the long run. They’ll put in more effort and create a large volume of sales. Regardless, everyone can walk away happy with they receive from their work for the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide.

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Dr. Vijay Eswaran: The Master of Direct Selling Business Model

Dr. Vijay Eswaran leads a multi-business conglomerate known as QI Group of Companies. QI Group boasts a strong presence in various sectors, including financial service, retail, hospitality, direct selling, and education. Its subsidiary business unit, QNET, which was formed by the Malaysian entrepreneur back in 1998, is currently an international company. QNET operates several regional offices that have fused traditional sales method with e-commerce model.

What drove Eswaran to launch QNET?

When launching QNET, Eswaran envisioned a new type of firm that would combine the power of direct selling with universal access to the Internet. Therefore, he led a team of ambitious entrepreneurs in trying and testing multi-level marketing business model with the evolving e-commerce platform. Eswaran and his associate engaged in endless debates concerning products and services that could set their company apart. They settled on precious and numismatics metal models that took advantage of the flourishing European market strategies.

The entrepreneurial journey of Eswaran

When Eswaran began his entrepreneurial journey, everything seemed to work against him. He lacked connection, family support, and funding. The fact that Asia was experiencing a nasty economic crisis made his efforts of seeking funds from investors unfruitful. Eswaran had a firm conviction that he was destined for greatest in the entrepreneurial world. Fortunately enough, he met like-minded partners and with the steady support of his wife, Eswaran established a successful multilevel marketing business empire.

Eswaran embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the world of direct selling, a sector that goes through numerous perception challenges. He has endured a lot to steer his firm to the top 40 direct selling companies in the world. Throughout his career, Eswaran has learned to embrace his challenges. For him, both success and failure are components of his growth path.

QI Group starts a University

Eswaran is currently concentrating on expanding the Malaysian University. The University has already graduated the first batch of its student. It runs its activities out of a temporary campus headquartered in Ipoh City. QI Group’s plan is to develop a QI City, which will consist of a new permanent campus, a teaching health facility to support the University’s medical program, residential block, a shopping complex, a park, and students’ hostel blocks.

Maggie Gill, Memorial Health CEO Steps Down, Plans To Focus On Other Professional Ventures

Maggie Gill has led an incredible career being CEO of Memorial Health. Her leadership has helped the company grow immensely into the top healthcare provider it is today. Maggie’s experience in the field is what has helped her lead the business with full effectiveness. As CEO of the company, Maggie was tasked with maintaining and overseeing all the operations of Memorial Health. She was also in charge of presiding over all the staff at the institution. As CEO, Maggie was also responsible for all the physicians and doctors that come under the umbrella of Memorial Health.

Earlier this month, Maggie announced that she would be stepping down from her position as CEO of the company. In the official statement which was released, it was said that her reason for going was to pursue some of the other professional opportunities she was interested in. The official date of Gill’s departure has not yet been set in stone, and until such time, she will continue to assist the company in all its matters, including all her exit procedures. Also, Maggie has agreed to help the board in all its matters up until the position of the new CEO of Memorial Health is picked.

Maggie began her journey with Memorial Health in 2004. Back then, she served as the vice president of the company. She subsequently went on to becoming the chief operating officer a year later. She quickly rose up to the high position she is in today, being named as the company’s CEO in 2011.

In the past, Maggie has worked with numerous corporations which have all contributed to her expertise in the field. Her previous position was at Tenet South Florida Health System where she served as the chief financial officer of the company. She has received numerous awards for her work in the field including several awards for her leadership and efficient work as CEO.

Besides work experience, Maggie also garnered her knowledge of business management through her education. Maggie Gill has completed numerous courses and training programs in management from prestigious institutions. She completed her MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida and earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

When Maggie is not busy making a name for herself in the world of business, she is busy tending to her family. She is a mother to two beautiful kids and plans to now focus on her family and as she steps down from her position as CEO of Memorial Health.

Brazil’s Copa Star Hospital Adopts Forward-Thinking Smart Technology

Brazil’s Copa Star Hospital has developed smart operating rooms to make procedures more efficient for surgeons and patients. This includes, among other things, a computer-assisted system, which makes surgery less stressful for surgeons and thus makes patients safer. Their goal is to develop innovative techniques for gentle and safe surgical procedures. Visit the hospital’s facebook page.

Using The Operating Table As An Assistant

Surgeries can take hours, but intelligent operating rooms can physically relieve some of the deficits of the surgeon. These new smart tables can act like an intelligent navigation system to form a computer-assisted surgical unit, which is an extra pair of hands to the surgeon. With the aid of a navigation system the operator can control the table and place it in the optimal position for each surgical step. Forward thinking? Absolutely. This high-tech smart assistant knows the operation exactly and proposes the best setting for the surgeon.

An Adaptive Operating Room Is Just What Copa Star Hospital Is Geared Towards

While anesthesiologist typically prepare patients for their operation, nurses can enter the body measurements of the patient and the surgeon as well as a pre-planned intervention into the system. Future surgical workstations will automatically receive this data directly via the hospital information network, relieving workload.

Administrators realize that despite increasing cost pressure and low staffing, patients nowadays require more complex and demanding treatments in the hospital. This requires not only sophisticated medical technology, but also flexible care routes and optimally coordinated workflows. Copa Star Hospital addresses these needs by providing more comfort and safety for patients by enabling the environment to meet specific patient needs. Operating rooms, and patient suites that include revamped aesthetics, and smart systems have been adopted to achieve a higher quality of care and address technologies for the future.

Just a few months old, Copa Star Hospital in Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães satisfies the needs of patients and staff with the latest technological advancements. The hospital was designed with a foward-thinking IT infrastructure that would meet the needs of physicians, nurses, and patients. Increasing efficiency creates a safer environment. The architecture and internal environment has a soothing psychological effect, and was also carefully selected with a focus on patient well-being. New technology is enabling the medical industry to widen their capabilities and the health environment is rapidly changing. Smart technology aids doctors, and overall, Copa Star Hospital has enhanced treatment.

Scaling the Heights in Educational Publication

Over the years, access to credible information has been a key resources in unfolding many mysteries and events in the contemporary world. This has necessitated the development and emergence of new companies offering new, credible and certified information on Crunchbase. As such we have experienced the up surge of market with people who have advanced there skills to tackle many problems in life. This is through professional personalities that have continued to invest in companies and institutions that foster economic development across the world.

Jim Hunt is a well-known financial advisor across the world. He has developed interest in the financial world where he has contributed a lot in the study and development of different financial strategies on His contribution in the financial and economic development forums has handed him a chance of being among the best economic and financial advisers in the recent times. He talks on a wide range of issues that have continued to affect the stock market that brings about surging of market prices at Recently, Jim Hunt came up with a topic in which he was discussing on using 10 steps to make her mum a millionaire.

This was seen as a way of encouraging many people to view the stock market in a positive way. Jim Hunt opinion about making his mum a millionaire again was demonstrated in a way that when you start with a 1000 pound and you multiply by ten will keeping the profit intact, then you automatically become a millionaire. This was seen as an important aspect in the financial development and stability.

VTA Publications is a leading long distance learning courses publication company. The company has been developing educational materials that have earned it the desired space in the educational system. VTA Publications provide accurate and on point information with credible sources. This has been its driving force in the economic and financial market. There information is well sourced and documented and can be accessed by learners from across the world. VTA Publications has invested in qualified staff that are around to handle the increasing number of clients. VTA Publications educational information can be found on the company’s website.

Mikhail Blagosklonny – Pioneering the Fight against Cancer and Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology and one of the authoritative voices in the field. He has dedicated most of his life and career trying to find a solution to two of the human race’s biggest medical problems: aging and cancer. To this end, he is one of the pioneering researchers in the field, and he has helped uncover potential remedies to the issues.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny attended the Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he graduated with an M.D. in Internal Medicine and a PhD in Experimental Medicine. Today he is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Center Institute in New York.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is also a prolific researcher and editor. To start with, he has served as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. He also publishes and edits research reports for a wide range of scientific journals including the editorial board of Death Cell and Differentiation. Much of his research has been focused on using rapamycin to treat cancer and reduce the rate of aging.

The Link between Cancer, Aging, and Target of Rapamycin (TOR)

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s research into aging and cancer has revealed that Target of Rapamycin (TOR) is a potential solution. TOR signaling pathways can be used to manipulate the cellular system’s coordination and control of aging, development, and aging. What’s more, TOR is a safer solution compared to other medications already in place. However, research is yet to be concluded as there are many external factors to consider including nutrition and psychological stress. Follow Mikhail on Loop.

From Arizona Jason Hope Thinks About The Future

The Tech Guru Of The Southwest
Jason Hope is trying to change the face of the tech industry. From his home in Scottsdale, Arizona he is leading a revolution in tech and he wants to put Arizona in the center of it. Beyond changing where we think of tech he wants to speak for a new era of a technology known as the Internet of Things. Already in place, this technology is set to change the way we think of our homes and appliances as it grows.

Where Everything Is Changing
The Internet of Things is changing our world by making the devices around us “smart”. Essentially, this means that your household appliances will collect data and share it with other devices in order to perform tasks for you. IoT is already available for those who like to use it, but it simply isn’t anywhere near as powerful as it will be in the future. The future is going to bring us smart homes and self driving vehicles. These technologies will change the way we live our lives and make for a better world for everyone .

The End Of Aging As We Know
Another major focus of Jason Hope is aging research. He believes that this will create a revolution in medicine and change the way we live forever. The SENS Institute, which focuses on ways to stop and reverse aging, is one of the biggest focuses for Hope. The SENS Institute believes that aging is simply a disease and wants to eradicate just like any other disease. There are already animals such as certain jellyfish and other sea creatures that are capable of indefinite lifespans. Jason Hope believes that we will one day add humans to that list and wants to make himself a part of that movement.

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Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise As Chronic Lung Disease Treatment

Chronic lung diseases affect patient health, well-being and quality of life. Traditional treatments for illnesses like pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interstitial lung disease treat symptoms, but do not cure the problem. These diseases affect a patient’s ability to complete even the simplest tasks like showering or cooking a meal. According to the, a handful of clinical trials in the U.S. use stem cell treatment to promote healing in those challenged with these diseases.

Stem cell therapy

Called the building blocks of life, stem cells renew and replicate. They can form any type of body tissue. Stem cells can come from the patient’s own body or from fetal or embryonic tissue. Adult stem cells have a quality called plasticity which means cells from one area of the body can transform to other types of tissue. They are called undifferentiated cells. The Lung Institute, a U.S. heath center, uses adult stem cells from the patient to treat chronic lung diseases. These are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow or blood, then reintroduced to the patient’s body via IV.

The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute focuses specifically on chronic lung diseases. It only uses adult stems cells in its treatments, taking advantage of the plasticity of these undifferentiated cells to foster healing in its patients. Its patients have varying degrees of success, as with any treatment, but the Institute already has its success stories, such as Joseph O. (, who underwent treatment for pulmonary fibrosis.

Although use of stem cell treatment is new, it shows promise in the treatment of many diseases, including chronic lung diseases. The Lung Institute offers one of the few experienced treatment programs in the country for stem cell therapy for lung diseases. Although not every patient can undergo the treatment, it may help those whose doctor determines stem cell therapy is right for them.

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Betsy DeVos Shows Her Willingness To Fight For The Causes She Believes In

Betsy DeVos may well be a well known education reformer, but I have also become aware of a wide range of philanthropic and good causes backed by one of the best known residents of Michigan. In my own opinion, Betsy DeVos should be admired for maintaining her integrity over a long and varied philanthropic career that has often been focused on reforming the U.S. education system; exploring the philanthropy and life story of Betsy DeVos allowed me the opportunity to see just how important Michigan remains to both she and husband Dick DeVos who share the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation charitable group (

Both the DeVos family Betsy joined when she married Dick and her own Prince family have long histories of philanthropic giving afforded them by the success both families have achieved in business throughout Michigan and the world as a whole. Born in Holland, Michigan, I was happy to discover Betsy has remained a resident of her home state and is now a resident of Grand Rapids; the mother of four is a dedicated Calvinist and has used her own fortune to back a number of business initiatives across Michigan through The Windquest Group investment company she and Dick DeVos partner in. Placing the focus on Michigan has always been an important part of the life and work of Betsy DeVos, particularly during her time as a Presidentially appointed Director of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

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I believe the most significant gains made in the philanthropic career of Betsy DeVos have been made in the education field which has become the main cause the Calvin College graduate has undertaken as her personal project. My view of her work in education reform is that she performed a series of amazing political and philanthropic miracles in giving families across the U.S. a chance to explore school choice options for the very first time. A strong supporter of the Detroit Charter Schools project, I believe Betsy DeVos can be seen as a key figure in making sure each and every individual has the chance to start their educational career in the best possible environment. The backing Betsy has provided for a charter school in Grand Rapids, Michigan that provides an education in aviation is one of the pinnacles of her achievements, which I believe will stand for many years alongside her own West Michigan Aviation Academy. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Securus Technologies Dares GTL to a Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies, a prominent service provider in the fast-rising corrections market, has challenged its main competitor, GTL, to a technology bake off. In this contest, an independent technology judge will establish who has the biggest and innovative product set, the most advanced high-tech telephone-calling platform, ideal client service, and other related metrics.

Richard Smith’s comments

Securus’ CEO, Mr. Rick Smith, stated that GTL has been issuing statements claiming that its customer services and technology solutions are on the same level with those of Securus Technologies. Therefore, he wants an independent judge to carry out an intensive evaluation of product sets, ranging from customer service models and calling platforms of both companies. He said that comparing Securus’ products with those of GTL is unfair. Over the past four years, Securus has invested more than $700 million in acquiring technologies, tech companies, development of products coupled with a sophisticated Technology Center, and a reliable U.S. Customer Service Center. On the other hand, GTL has only invested a small proportion of what Securus has invested.

What makes Securus to Standout from GTL?

  • Securus Technologies boasts an extensive product set of unique services for the corrections industry.
  • Securus manages an in-house call center operated by its employees. On the contrary, GTL outsources a bigger part of its client service.
  • Securus leverages its competent field technicians to provide products and services while GTL has resulted to contracting a significant amount of its work to non-employees.
  • GTL has lost a significant number of its customers to Securus Technologies.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies continues to demonstrate its strong will to serve and connect by delivering technology solutions, including emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, monitoring products, and communication services to the corrections market. The firm has continued to attract more clients since its establishment. For instance, the company helps 1,200,000 detainees to strengthen their relationships with their loved ones and friends through communication. Over 3,450 facilities depend on products and solutions supplied by Securus to operate smoothly.