Lori Senecal Has A Lot To Share!

Lori Senecal knows what it is like to forge her own path. As one of four talented children, she recognized early the need to move forward into new territory and to stake accomplishments as her own. In fact, during her many opportunities to mentor other women in the marketing world, she continues to discover how important this truly is. In an interview by Hubspot, Senecal frequently points out that women are hesitant to tackle challenges they don’t feel fully prepared for. That is when Senecal explains how nobody is fully prepared for anything! There is always that last bit of fear that is mistaken for a barrier. In truth, that last bit of fear is really the secret sauce that drives success!

Throughout her career, Senecal has also had the chance to work on group projects that led towards important goals. These teams could get a little chaotic at times, but Senecal learned how to cherish the excitement. In fact, it is one reason why she admires the character Liz Lemon on NBC’s hit television show 30 Rock. Liz had a weekly responsibility to get a bunch of creative, talented, and sometimes rowdy people to produce a great show week after week. Managing marketing teams can sometimes feel the same way! However, through all of the chaos, something fantastic always emerges.

Senecal also understands the importance of a shared corporate culture. A common culture surrounding team members helps grease the wheels of progress. Also, Senecal strongly believes in the benefits of mentoring. Mentoring is an activity which benefits all participants. People early in their careers are able to gain support. The mentors benefit through opportunities for reflection, fostering a connection with a younger generation, and having an opportunity to give back to others. If there is one thing Senecal wishes she could stress to those she mentors, it would be to make sure there is always a proper balance between work and life. Read more about her on 3percentconf.com.

Lori Senecal is now set to be the Global CEO for the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. From what we know about her, she is sure to do a fantastic job!

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