Maggie Gill, Memorial Health CEO Steps Down, Plans To Focus On Other Professional Ventures

Maggie Gill has led an incredible career being CEO of Memorial Health. Her leadership has helped the company grow immensely into the top healthcare provider it is today. Maggie’s experience in the field is what has helped her lead the business with full effectiveness. As CEO of the company, Maggie was tasked with maintaining and overseeing all the operations of Memorial Health. She was also in charge of presiding over all the staff at the institution. As CEO, Maggie was also responsible for all the physicians and doctors that come under the umbrella of Memorial Health.

Earlier this month, Maggie announced that she would be stepping down from her position as CEO of the company. In the official statement which was released, it was said that her reason for going was to pursue some of the other professional opportunities she was interested in. The official date of Gill’s departure has not yet been set in stone, and until such time, she will continue to assist the company in all its matters, including all her exit procedures. Also, Maggie has agreed to help the board in all its matters up until the position of the new CEO of Memorial Health is picked.

Maggie began her journey with Memorial Health in 2004. Back then, she served as the vice president of the company. She subsequently went on to becoming the chief operating officer a year later. She quickly rose up to the high position she is in today, being named as the company’s CEO in 2011.

In the past, Maggie has worked with numerous corporations which have all contributed to her expertise in the field. Her previous position was at Tenet South Florida Health System where she served as the chief financial officer of the company. She has received numerous awards for her work in the field including several awards for her leadership and efficient work as CEO.

Besides work experience, Maggie also garnered her knowledge of business management through her education. Maggie Gill has completed numerous courses and training programs in management from prestigious institutions. She completed her MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida and earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

When Maggie is not busy making a name for herself in the world of business, she is busy tending to her family. She is a mother to two beautiful kids and plans to now focus on her family and as she steps down from her position as CEO of Memorial Health.