Keeping Our Prison System Safe with the Help of Securus Technologies

With an army of corrections officers working in the jails, you would never think that a phone system could be the best defense against unruly inmates. I have been working as a jail official for over thirty years, and the days of having to work harder seem to have finally come full circle. The inmates have always held a numbers advantage over officers, and now today they are meeting their match in the most unlikely source.


To combat violence in the jail, we do a number of things to keep the peace. First we can inspect each person who comes in the jail for contraband, to keep it out of the hands of those inmates. Next, we can interrupt the inmates day by doing surprise call inspections at all hours of the night. Lastly, we can monitor their phone calls and try to pick up on information that will help to stop trouble before it gets out of hand.


Speaking of the inmate phone system, we recently had Securus Technologies install a modern inmate call system that has turned the tables on how we keep our jail safe. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, talks about how his one thousand employees and everyone at the Dallas based company all have a single objective, keeping the world safe. These team members helped us to get up to speed on the new system and it has already made a huge positive impact.


Now when we listen to the inmates on the phone, the software alerts us that there’s chatter about drugs, weapons, or violence. In the past, these inmates could talk in a manner we could never decipher until it was too late. Now, we are instantly alerted there is trouble and we spring to action before they can get the jump on us.