If It’s’ Grain Free – It’s Beneful! (Your Dog will Know the Difference)

Beneful grain free dog food is loaded with all the good stuff a picky dog chooses. And who knows more about what dogs love to eat than the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company. To add another plus to this article you readers should know that this new grain free recipe combines the taste that dogs love simply because it is saturated with “Quality” ingredients like pumpkin, spinach, real farm raised chicken and blueberries. Simply said, this grain free food is a 100 percent complete with balanced nutrition for older dogs that will have your best friend hanging around the dinner dish until it’s time to go to bed.

Grain free dog foods have become popular in recent years. If you have an older dog that’s picky about what she or he eats, just use a dogs natural ancestral diet that is grain free; yet contains all the important protein they need to be a happy dog. All that said, you dog lovers have got to ask yourself a couple of questions about how your dog has been feeling lately:

* Are grain allergies common in dogs?

* Are grains hard to digest.

* Grain free doesn’t mean carb free.

Note: It’s important to know the company making this new grain free recipe. Well, it’s manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare Company; a name that’s familiar with most dog owners. Ergo, in order to be known as the best in grain free dog foods, you must have 4 start ratings or higher. They have that rating and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

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