Omar Yunes on California Real Estate Inflation and Its Implications to Charities

The value of real estate has steadily risen in the recent past. Charities and other non-profit organizations operating in California have highly been upset by this trend. These organizations holistically depend on public, governmental donations and grants to execute their roles. The rise in real estate value has negatively affected most charities that run in Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a result, many of these charities have closed up while others are now incurring high costs to sustain their routine operations. Other non-profit organizations have eventually resolved to acquire smaller and more affordable working spaces.

California is extensively characterized with several non-profit organizations providing services that include child care and adult job training among others. Most of these charities mainly seek to help low-income families and marginalized groups to get an equitable access to resources. The diversity of services offered by these organizations demonstrate their primary role in the society. The continual rise in the value of real estate will gradually wipe their presence and pose great challenges to their beneficiaries.

For the record, San Francisco ranks high in national Per Capita. This has enabled it to thrive economically attractive several investors and non-profit organizations. Most residents now rely on various services offered by this organizations. With many of them closing, California will experience an economic crisis and other social challenges related to equitable resource distribution.

In response to this crisis, the city awarded $2.7 million to enable several local charities to cater for their high rent expenses. The amount was however distributed to only 13 nonprofit organizations, which form a small fraction of charities actively operating in California. According to the city mayor, sustainable plans have now been developed to support the charities by securing them more city contracts.

Omar Yunes is a young and successful Mexican investor and entrepreneur who represent Sushi Itto. Omar has recorded a successful professional growth in his niche of operations. He recently received an Italian award as the best global Franchisee.

Omar is particularly interested in the food business and runs 13 franchises in Puebla, Mexico, and Veracruz. He has managed to create over 400 jobs backed with extensive business networks.