Chris Burch – Financial Investor, Philanthropist and Businessman

Chris Burch is the founder and co-founder of several well-known international retail brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. He has also been investing in several other forms of business which happen to be the hospitality market. He has been expanding his businesses outside of his normal scope while teaming up with James McBride to create a vacation spot in Indonesia. The duo purchased the resort for $30 million and went to work on upgrades and renovation projects. The beach resort lives on the island of Sumba and they have been working on updates since 2012. After the renovations have been complete, they opened the resort for business, which boast 27 gorgeous villas. In 2016, the resort was named the best resort in the world and has quickly rose to a five-star hotel with many different accommodations. The beach resort is one of the most serene and prestigious places you can visit and the two have worked very hard to ensure that it holds up to its ratings. They named the resort Nihiwatu, which has become more than they could ever expect it to be. Read more about the resort, hit on

According to, Burch initially started his career in 1967. He was still in college when he decided to open his own business with his brother. He was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College at the time, and decided to invest all that he had into his very first company. It was called Eagle’s Eye apparel. He had $2000 to get the company started. He quickly used his strategic patterns and overall expertise to get the company running quite smooth. He eventually sold the company after it made millions to Swire Group. He then went on to pursue other areas of interest and start other companies such as Internet Capital Group and Burch Creative Capital. As a financial investor, it seemed fitting that he would become the CEO of Buch Creative Capital, one of the most prominent companies that hold many high end retail brands. He was also a former investor in Internet Capital Group which promotes internet to many different communities. Additional article to read on

In his spare time, he works with foundations and organizations like The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League and The Henry Street Settlement. Throughout the years, his expertise and experience have led him from one spectrum of the business world to the next.  For a view of the investor details, click this.

He is look forward to continuing his expertise and expanding his knowledge in other areas of business.  More insights from him available in this article on

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