A Closer Insight On James Dondero Portfolio

James Dondero is the president and founder of highland capital and has over twenty years experience in equity and credit market. This domain is mainly focused on high yielding investment. Under his tenure, the company has been a leader in the development of an advanced credit-oriented solution and collateralized loan obligation -market for both retail and institutional investors.The impeccable performance of Dondero attribute to the success achieved by this company so far.

Some of the product offerings from the market include mutual funds, private equity funds, and hedge fund. He started his career life as an analyst when he was accepted into the Morgan guaranty training program. He was certified with a degree in accounting and finance, and he is a CFA (chartered financial analyst) and CMA (certified management accountant) certified.

He later joined the American express in 1985 as an analyst and then rose through the ranks to become a portfolio manager where he was responsible for managing over one billion in fixed assets before he left later in 1989. Before he founded Highland, he was the chief investment officer at life GIC which was a subsidiary company that was founded in 1989. Given his portfolio, he has had excellent management experiences that have brought significant changes in the finance industry. James chairs the board of CCC medical, cornerstone healthcare NexBank

Dondero is also part of the board of MGM studio and American banknote. Also, he serves as the director of highland capital; in Europe and also served as the director of the stand advisor at highland financial partners. Highland capital manages close to twenty-one billion dollars worth of assets as of 2015. Dondero also has over thirty years worth of experience in equity markets and investing in credits, and this has significantly helped to create new credit asset classes.

Apart from his role in the financial sector, he is a philanthropist and is actively involved in support of different initiatives in public policy, veteran’s affair, and education. He also has a great experience in the equity and credit market with his portfolio management experiences ranging from derivatives, emerging market debt, high yield bonds, leveraged bank loans and investment-grade corporations.