Tremendous Achievements of Chris Burch As a Real Estate and Fashion Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is one of those big names from America that have received special recognition for what they have been doing towards changing the economy of the country. He happens to be a hero in the sector and has been on the frontline working for progress and better governance. He happens to the chairman and the CEO of the famous Burch Creative Capital. He also happens to have been a great investor and an entrepreneur. He has been on the frontline establishing so many companies in the hospitality, fashion and even in the technology industries. They have been working closely with his wife for the betterment of their dreams and have worked tirelessly towards making the startups a reality. He co-founded a company known as Tory Burch alongside his loving wife known as Tory Burch who happened to have been an experienced fashion designer.

Chris Burch co-founded Tory Burch LLC in the year 2004 and has continued to be a large shareholder in the same company. Some other investments he has made include Trademark which happened to have been a clothing business which they launched together with his two daughters. He also happens to have been a proud owner of the famous Nihiwahtu Resort that is based in Indonesia and also the leading resort hotel in the world. It has been nominated as one of the best. Check this link on to read more about the famous resort.  He has also invested in the famous Aliph which happens to be the owner of the famous Jawbone who is the maker of Blue Tooth headsets, speakers and also fitness trackers. He is also a co-founder of Poppin, a company that sells all office supplies.

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Chris Burch was born and also raised in Pennsylvania and he always says how terrible he was as a student. He did not take his books seriously and saw nothing important by sacrificing his time to study. He has always the last in his elementary studies. His parents were always concerned and even could change their son to attend different schools.  According to, he later went to Ithaca College in the year 1976 and at school, he started selling preppy sweaters together with his sister at the campus. They had an initial investment of $2,000 and the company expanded at a very high rate. The company was called Eagle’s Eye which they got from their father’s nickname. Their business was able to open over 50 branches to so many places and they were able to sell the investment at a very good price.  Read more news about the diversity of his business investment, head over to the website, hit on

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Greg Secker, a Genius in Forex Trading

As an awareness creating ambassador, Greg has dedicated himself to helping people realize various ways to make money through charity. Greg is a famous forex trading expert though he studied agriculture and food sciences at the University of Nottingham. At the university, Greg was engaged in building computers where he learnt coding programs and went one ahead to become a geek building a 3D interactive model for a follicle.

It was when attending a job fair at Thomas Cook Financial Services that he talked to a person who was highly interested in computers. They connected and he was interviewed and ended up getting the job. With continued friendship and good work relations, Greg was invited to in working with currency trading where they built the Virtual Trading Desk.

When working with the Virtual Trading Desk, Greg was involved in coding traders’ strategies, a fact that aroused his interest in foreign exchange trading. Since he was involved in coding all the functions, he got acquainted will with the workings of forex trading noting all the profits that they make.

Greg Secker shares his passion and knowledge through talking in seminars and congresses on how people can make money. Greg used his experiences in establishing the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower the youth with valuable life skills. His foundation focusses on a wide range of efforts such as family and relationships, entrepreneurship, wealth, health, and leadership preparing young people for a smooth future to avoid the mid-life crisis. Greg Secker has a heart for the Filipino people where he wants to help them realize and be confident about their abilities and skills in making immediate income. This is through the Youth Leadership Summit which has been rolled up in South Africa and Australia.

Greg is a board member of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy where he seeks to advocate for the incorporation of philanthropy into business models. He has published books such as ‘Financial Freedom through Forex’ and ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success’. Greg was an integral part of the founding of Learn To Trade and FX Capital.


Matt Badiali, Career and Life History

     Matt Badiali was a geologist who was teaching at the University of North California before receiving a call from someone whom he described as a financial expert. Matt Badiali went ahead to describe the expert as one man who had acquired billions of shillings supplying research to some of the best investors in the world. This time around, he was being asked to join the team due to obvious reasons.

Joining Energy and Natural Resource Sector

The financial expert had a special project ahead which he had to undertake. However, he lacked knowledge of energy and natural resources and so; he had to have an expert on his team. He contacted Matt Badiali asking him to join the team as he is a professional Geologist. That is how Matt found his way to the project. The expert was looking to invest in the energy, mining and natural resources sector and was expecting huge returns.

Education and Career

Having studied natural resources for two decades, Mr. Matt Badiali has great expertise in handling various projects related to geology. Matt is known to have great skills in Mining, energy and agricultural industries. Matt has worked on drill rigs and even owned oil wells. Matt has even traveled around the world to visit abandoned wells with the aim of investing in natural resources.

Matt’s Reputation

Since Matt joined the field of natural resources and energy, he has traveled around the world and met so many prominent people. Matt has worked with some of the best CEOs in the world, and his skills have been greatly augmented by that. Being able to meet and share with legendary oilman T. Boone Pickmen, he has learned so many ideas that he hitherto uses to ensure success in most of his projects. One his known investment was the one he made in 2008. He bought $0.06 mining stock which was known as Kaminak Gold Corp. When the stock market dropped in the same year, his position escalated fast, and he sold Kaminak Gold at $2.64 on August 26, 2010.

Since joining the energy, and natural resources investments, Matt has been able to build and grow his reputation as one of the most investors. It is imperative to note that he gained his skills from prominent people in the same field. Matt is now known as one of the most successful people in the energy and natural gas sector.

The U.S. Farm Bureau released its latest survey on the price of Thanksgiving dinner. This year will be the lowest price…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 24, 2017

George Soros and his Struggles for Campaigning Liberal Values including Open Society

The billionaire hedge fund manager cum philanthropist, George Soros, is known for his fights for liberal values and promoting the open society principles. He is credited with promoting free speech, democratization, and displayed scathed attacks on divisive stands of politicians and political parties around the globe. This has made him the enemy of conservatives and ultra-conservative groups. According to a Business Insider report, they see every pro-liberal movement as an attempt by George Soros to tarnish the Trump government in the United States. Especially when people came out to streets, immediately after Donald Trump elected as the President, they plotted it as a coup attempt by George Soros. People actually came out due to the remarks of Trump about women and his divisive policies.

Though a few liberal groups who earlier received contributions from Soros was part of those protests, he was not part of that protests and not even spoken for it. But for the conservatives, to shield their policies that have many flaws and change the attention from key issues raised in those protests, need an enemy to point the fingers. As a liberal activist and highly successful billionaire with active involvement across the globe to promote free speech and democracy, Soros plotted as an ideal target to shot their bullets. For this purpose, right-leaned medias like The Washington Times and Breitbart were cooking stories like he paid protesters in March for Science, Women’s March, and more. However, they could not showcase any proof of the same, apart from mere accusations.

It is a strategy that is carried out by the conservative groups around the world of targeting someone to divert the attention from their missteps and administration flaws. People who are connected with Soros know that he is a person who deeply invested himself into promoting diversity and stand against sectarian ideologies. For that purpose, Soros promotes open society ideologies across through his Open Society Foundations. Its mission is to create tolerant and vibrant societies with their governments are characterized by open to the involvement of people and accountability.

Since Soros established the Open Society Foundations in 1979, it expanded to more than 100 countries and shaping the societies around the globe.Soros was born in Hungary in a Jewish family in the early 1930s and moved to London post Second World War. He completed his education at London School of Economics. After some time, in 1956, he decided to move to the United States, where he entered into the world of investments and finance. In the early 1970s, Soros established Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund firm. It focused on investments based on currency markets and garnered significant success in the later years. Apart from setting up Open Society Foundations, Soros is also one of the biggest philanthropic contributors in the world on various causes.

Chris Burch Advice on How to Choose Investors

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also the Chief Executive Office of this company. He has a profound experience on how to run a business; He is kind enough to share some critical ideas on how to successfully run a business. It’s miserable that a good number of entrepreneurs don’t have adequate startup capital for their business ideas. This is true for some of the largest companies and new companies of this generation. These people are dependent on investors for the startup capital. Luckily enough, there are many financial resources from the private commercial sectors. This doesn’t imply that the entrepreneurs need to invest for the sake due to the availability of these resources, but just like any other enterprise, they have to be diligent and work under to clear plan. Otherwise, this might lead to an awful entrepreneurial catastrophe.   Here’s a proof of the diversity of his entrepreneurial skills on

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It is very crucial that you have a long-term vision when it comes to business. As an experienced entrepreneur, I urge you to view your investors as partners rather than assets. This is not only the best thing to do for your business, but it will also make your investors happier in case you involve them from scratch. There are some things you can do to ensure that you have a successful business as well as a crew of happy and satisfied investors.  Check and have a glimpse to his awesome investment in Indonesia.

According to Chris Burch, the following are the ultimate key factors to meet the guaranteed success of your business:

Choose Trustworthy Investors

Any company that begins without a two-way thoroughfare of trust is doomed to fail. You need to find people who believe in not only you but also in your product or service. If your investors balk at the first sign of trouble and pull out, you’ll be out of luck with no recourse.

Choose the Outspoken Investors

It’s imperative to be able to talk to your investors freely when something goes badly. Both of you need to feel comfortable with robust discussions and know that each of you is in it for the long haul. It goes back to trust. If you and your investors trust in each other such that it easy to tell it like it is no matter what, you will be able to fix almost any problem. Transparency on both sides of the equation is vital.  Read his views and insights on business related matters in this article on

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Christopher Burch success career path

Christopher Burch is the CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, and at the same time, he is the one who founded the company. The company has an investment philosophy that expresses some of the entrepreneurial values that Burch has and the vision that he has held for the new market, creativity, support and the scale. He has been the reason why some multiple technologies have risen like the luxury brands. He was among the board members of the Guggenheim and Continuum group.

In 1976, that’s when the success of Mr. Burch started as an entrepreneurial when he was still studying at the University Of Ithaca College. He entered a business with his brother Bob, they invested $2,000 in opening the Eagles eye apparel, and they grew the business until it was worth $165 million which they later sold to the Swipe group. After the sale, Mr. Burch was among the first people that invested in the Internet Capital Group. Check for a related article.  Mr. Burch has invested in so many real estates from the domestic and the international once. The most recent one being the Nihiwatu one that he acquired and at the same time renovated. A resort that was located at Sumba in one of the Indonesian islands.   To read  and learn more about the resort, click on this.

In 2011, Mr. Burch founded the C. Wonder a company that was dealing with the accessorizing, and home décor, but he later sold it to the Xcel brands. But he did not sell the whole of C. wonder it was just the 10% of the company which he sold at $35 million. He still maintain the large part of the company and Len Blavatnik is among the investors. He now has only one goal in mind, and that is he will be able to grow the company internationally. He plans that he will be able to have more than 200 stores worldwide in the next four years.  To learn the new and follow on investments, browse on

In July 2014, Mr. Bruch became a partner with Ellen DeGeneres. He was going to help her with the launch of her lifestyle brand. Later in the same year, Mr. Burch launched the Coccon9. Additionally, he is supporting some of the lifestyle and consumer developers that cannot do it on their own. He has so many other interests one of them being he has been investing in funky office supplies. Things like the phone gadget, Nantucket and property portfolio. During the New York fashion week, he launched a fashion line from his family business.  To know his latest innovative offering to the market, hit on

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Securus Technologies Providing Advanced and Innovative Inmate Communication Services and Technology

The law enforcement agencies need latest and modern investigative solutions and services to perform efficiently and keep the criminals in check, and it is what is provided by Securus Technologies. These days technology is integrated into just about every industry as it helps in providing better products and services to the end users. In the correctional world, the use of modern technology has helped the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones in the outside world. The modern technology has also helped the inmates to educate themselves while incarcerated and improve their skills so that they can get employment when released. The use of inmate communication services also makes it easier for the inmates to stay relaxed and relieve their stress caused due to incarceration.


Securus Technologies is focused on developing new products for the correctional sphere as it is the technology that would help in carrying forward the industry. The company was launched in 1986, and over the last three decades, the company has made tremendous progress in the sector. One of the primary focuses of the company has been to develop products and services that would allow the inmates to get in touch with their relatives anytime of the day or night. In the last few years, Securus Technologies has spent millions to lower down the cost of inmate communication services and increase communication opportunities.


Securus Technologies believe that with the help of technology, the inmate communication can be more secure than it is now, which would help in increasing the communication opportunities. It would also ensure that the end users are also able to use the inmate communication services more often. Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 correctional facilities and more than a million inmates, and this figure is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come as the company plans massive expansion in the rest of the country.



Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK was established for in 2002. For over 15 years, this financial company has provided many businesses and individuals for reaching the financial goals that they are trying to achieve. The company specialize in stock-based and margin loans for business or personal growth. The company offers the lowest rate on loans, and is a global financial tool for capital to be obtained.

Equities First Holdings is an efficient alternative to obtaining the lending capital at a low rate and from a professional company that take pride in financial solutions. The company which was established in London also provide shareholder finances for individuals who want to obtain money to expand their businesses.

Freedom Life Insurance Is The Best Option

Just the thought of finding the right life insurance can be overwhelming. Still, this cannot be avoided as it is an important decision for everyone. There are certain guidelines to be kept in mind in order to find the best life insurance option.

Freedom Life Insurance suggests a term life insurance in case it is required for any fixed period of time. In fact, the term policy duration can be matched to the need’s length. This is a perfect life insurance for those who wish to ensure that there are funds for the college education of their young kids. It is a good option for those who would like to repay their debt in a specific period of time. Hence a term policy can be bought for that period.

For those having a limited budget, a big amount of life insurance is needed. This type of insurance will pay off only when the insured dies while the policy term is still going on. In this case, the death benefit will always be lesser than any other kind of permanent life insurance. Once the term ends and the insurer is still alive, coverage will stop. Then the policy will have to be renewed or else, a new policy may have to be bought. But this will not help to build equity through cash savings, the way it is with permanent insurance.

The “convertible” term policies from Freedom Life Insurance are for those who feel that their life policies may change. In this, it is possible to opt for permanent insurance without the need to go for a medical examination. This is managed by paying higher premiums.

In case of Freedom Life Insurance or any other insurance, the premiums will be lowest when the insured is young. These will increase upon renewal as the insured ages. There are certain term insurance policies that can be renewed once they end, but their premium will increase. Other policies may require a medical examination in order to be renewed.

Permanent life insurance is for those who require life insurance for as long as they are alive. Check more:



Restoring Integrity To Politics

The political climate in the US today is divisive and discouraging. Many voters were disillusioned in our last election as more and more facts come out about foreign countries attempting to interfere in elections. Robert Mueller, the appointed Special Counsel, is working hard to get to the bottom of this issue.

Mueller has already uncovered a $100,000 effort by Russia to donate and buy social media ads. Also, other countries like China have been demonstrated to donate as much as $3.5 million to campaigns such as Jeb Bush. Even wealthy people can beat the loopholes and have donated billions of dollars to influence elections. Such large donations come with strings as supporters expect returns on their investments.

There has been an explosion in growth of organizations dedicated to fighting the current system and campaign financing. The Democrats in the Senate and the House support candidates that reflect their ideals and views. One grassroot group, End Citizens United, has become a force in the fight against a corrupt system. ECU was started as a result of the 2010 Supreme Court Ruling which stated that campaign donations were the same as free “speech.” This decision opened the floodgates of buying favor to an even greater degree.

Read more: Randy Bryce Is the Perfect Fit for End Citizens United

End Citizens United is supported by working Americans. Their numbers are impressive-raising $4million dollars in the first month after the election. Predictions showing the amount reaching $35 million by the 2018 mid term elections.

ECU uses this money to support candidates who will get elected and fight against corrupt campaign finances. One such candidate, is Randy Bryce, a Democrat from Wisconsin. Bryce has chosen to run his campaign differently, living up to his belief that big donations lead to big problems in elections. 82% of his donations have come from “small” donors with the average pledge being $25. Randy Bryce is proud of these statistics.

Bryce will run against Paul Ryan, the current speaker of the House. Ryan is a strong supporter of keeping the status quo. He believes that the Supreme Court got it right in their 2010 ruling. Bryce is running to change this attitude. He believes that the only way to change the institution from the inside out. ECU has endorsed Randy Bryce and will support him in his election bid.

Proponents of End Citizens United believe that such groups will finally give a voice to the regular people in the country. The current corruption in the political scene of our country cannot be an excuse to give up on effective change. People who unite to protest the problems with the integrity of politics can make a difference. If you don’t get involved and try to correct things, you don’t have the right to complain.