Hispanic Immigrants From Arizona Depend On The Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund For Protection Of Their Rights

In the year 2013, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded. The foundations objective being to support activist organizations that protect the rights of immigrants and minority communities. The proprietors of the fund are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. It is based in Arizona. The two are a renowned journalist who together they own the Village Voice Media and The Phoenix New Times.

In 2007, Joe Arpaio incarcerated the media persons for publishing stories that brought to light his abuse of power. The unlawful detention saw them winning a lawsuit they later filed against the Maricopa County Government for the violation of their journalistic rights. They were awarded as compensation, a sum of $3.75 million that aided them in the establishment of the Frontera Fund. The Funds main is to protect the rights of immigrants living in Arizona.

Aliento is an activist organization that benefits from the financial support of the Frontera Fund. It was founded by undocumented youths. It uses art and public campaigns to push for the improvement of the lives of immigrants in Arizona.

The foundation has been active in the fight seeking to sustain the DACA program in the state of Arizona and other countries in the US. It works to empower individuals who are DACA eligible by creating for them pro-educational programs, leadership programs and also addressing the issue of deportation. Besides that, they solve the many problems faced by the immigrants.

The organization works in partnership with dreamers in a bid to motivate Hispanic youths. This is so that they can take part in campaigns seeking to compel politicians to support young immigrants. The organization also works to urge the support of churches, schools, and businesses for the dreamers.

Reyna Montoya, who is the founder of Aliento, stresses that the immigrant youth who are DACA beneficiaries risk being deported especially with Trump as the president. The foundation encourages the undocumented immigrants to fight for their rights, protect their communities and get to know the rest of them.

With Donald Trump as the president, many DACA qualified immigrants are facing threats of being deported. The lack of support by the government threatens to bring to a halt the DACA programs. In case this happens many people will be deported.

The state of Arizona has enforced laws that make it hard for immigrants to access education and some to get drivers licenses. A paltry 7 percent of the youths that are undocumented have been able to get admissions into US colleges and universities due to the strict rules.

Fundacion Mexico is another organization that benefits from the funding of the Frontera Fund. The primary objective of starting this foundation is so it could offer Scholarships and grants to immigrants of the Hispanic origin who worked hard. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It dramatically understands the kind of problems that most undocumented youths are dealing with. While many young persons have the zeal to pursue a college or university education, they are unable to afford the amount necessary to pay for their school fees.