Greg Secker, a Genius in Forex Trading

As an awareness creating ambassador, Greg has dedicated himself to helping people realize various ways to make money through charity. Greg is a famous forex trading expert though he studied agriculture and food sciences at the University of Nottingham. At the university, Greg was engaged in building computers where he learnt coding programs and went one ahead to become a geek building a 3D interactive model for a follicle.

It was when attending a job fair at Thomas Cook Financial Services that he talked to a person who was highly interested in computers. They connected and he was interviewed and ended up getting the job. With continued friendship and good work relations, Greg was invited to in working with currency trading where they built the Virtual Trading Desk.

When working with the Virtual Trading Desk, Greg was involved in coding traders’ strategies, a fact that aroused his interest in foreign exchange trading. Since he was involved in coding all the functions, he got acquainted will with the workings of forex trading noting all the profits that they make.

Greg Secker shares his passion and knowledge through talking in seminars and congresses on how people can make money. Greg used his experiences in establishing the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower the youth with valuable life skills. His foundation focusses on a wide range of efforts such as family and relationships, entrepreneurship, wealth, health, and leadership preparing young people for a smooth future to avoid the mid-life crisis. Greg Secker has a heart for the Filipino people where he wants to help them realize and be confident about their abilities and skills in making immediate income. This is through the Youth Leadership Summit which has been rolled up in South Africa and Australia.

Greg is a board member of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy where he seeks to advocate for the incorporation of philanthropy into business models. He has published books such as ‘Financial Freedom through Forex’ and ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success’. Greg was an integral part of the founding of Learn To Trade and FX Capital.