How Aloha Construction Earned a Top Spot in the US Construction Industry

In the Wisconsin and Illinois communities, Aloha Construction is reputable for handling more than 7,000 construction related projects. The company is also critically-acclaimed for its high levels of professionalism, integrity, fairness, and honesty. To handle the diverse and complicated requests of clients, Aloha has affiliations with subcontractors and suppliers. The company also has good relations with its customers and associates like company agents and insurance providers.

Aloha’s professionals usually pay attention to the home repair needs of customers. They promptly respond to repair requests when customers need minor home repairs or upgrades. During the process of facilitating roof repairs or replacement, these professionals carry out a 9-step intensive inspection process. They use the knowledge obtained from the inspection to implement effective roofing solutions. The good thing about Aloha’s roofing services is that customers get craftsmanship warranty for a maximum of ten years.

Aloha understands that at times, exterior components of a house like siding, gutters, and windows need replacement or repair. This is because gutters help in directing rainwater from the roof to a specific storage location. They prevent splash erosion, development of mold on the walls, and crawlspaces on the ground. Aloha’s siding maintenance services have an objective of reducing clients’ heating and cooling expenses. The company’s professionals also inspect windows to determine whether fixing or replacing is appropriate for them.

Aloha’s Success Story

Aloha is a family business made up of roofers and siding contractors. The firm carries out its corporate activities from its head office in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Through this office, it manages to handle customers’ requests from DuPage, Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties. The firm also handles requests of customers from Champaign, McLean, Tazewell, Washington, and Peoria counties through its corporate office in Bloomington, MN.

Aloha has over 84 years of experience in fixing and replacing roofs, windows, gutters, and siding. The firm attributes most of its success in facilitating these services to its management team. This team relies on the strategic leadership of David Farbaky, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves as CEO and president. Since he joined Aloha, Farbaky’s vision was to foster growth in the company. He is instrumental in ensuring that Aloha offers the best quality of services at the most competitive and reasonable prices.