Josh Smith the Serial Entrepreneur

Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada is a serial entrepreneur with over seventeen years experience. He is well versed in many fields, ranging from various global operations, importing and exporting, customs, and manufacturing. Smith currently serves as CEO of multiple startup companies in Reno, Nevada, dealing with wellness, sustainability and other technologies.

Smith is the inventor of modular greenhouses that can be deployed in residential areas. Being a gardener himself, he saw many obstacles when wanting to purchase himself a greenhouse to have at home. Once he eliminated all the obstacles standing in the way of a successful at-home gardening experience, he founded Modular Greenhouses so that millions of others will be able to grow astounding amounts of organic produce too.

In conjunction with the project, Smith started a non profit program where grades kindergarten through twelfth grade have access to a on site green house and gardening programs. Students are able to enroll in and attend on-site classes to learn more about growing their own produce and eating healthier.

Josh Smith’s idea for his business came from his idea of necessity. He saw a lot of things that either didn’t work or could work so much more efficiently. He can see the problem and the solution all in one when recognizing an issue or something that could use improvement. Josh in always under a pile of projects that he is wanting to complete. He tries to bring his projects and ideas into reality by finding the problems and making solutions for the problems he has discovered while putting everything on paper.

Josh Smith’s favorite topic is home gardening and organic gardening; but it’s not just about the gardening. Josh also finds 3D printing to be absolutely fascinating because they can make any idea become reality by creating a prototype of your vision.