How Troy McQuagge Became A Leading Insurance Executive

Being in the insurance business is not easy. There are few professionals that understand this fact as well as Troy McQuagge who has been in the insurance business since the very beginning of his professional career. The insurance industry is a demanding one that requires the people who work within it to be skilled at building relationships with existing clients and to have the persistence that is required to go and build new relationships with potential clients. This means that insurance agents must often pound the pavement and learn the scope and state of a given local insurance market firsthand. Not every professional is cut out to work in the insurance industry or to engage in the hard work of direct sales that the job requires but Troy McQuagge is not your average professional. Today Troy McQuagge works as an executive in the insurance industry by offering his leadership skills to a company that is known as USHEALTH Group Inc. Troy currently serves as the chief executive officer of USHealth Group Inc however before he ascended to this leadership position he got his start like many other professionals in the insurance industry as an insurance agent.

While Troy McQuagge currently works in the health insurance industry as an executive one of his first positions as an insurance professional was at the company Allstate. Allstate offers insurance products such as car insurance, boat insurance, homeowner’s insurance and personal liability insurance. Starting out with Allstate in one area of the insurance industry allowed Troy McQuagge to develop the skills that were necessary to succeed in the business world and eventually equip him to lead an insurance company of his own. After Troy left Allstate he would go on to work for another insurance company that was known as United Insurance Companies. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

During his time at United Insurance Companies Troy would rise through the ranks of the company and learn even more about what it took to run a successful insurance company. He reached an important career milestone in 1997 when he was chosen to be the president of a division of United Insurance Company that was known as UGA. He continued to work diligently and gain a breadth of experience from his time leading UGA as its president. Eventually Troy McQuagge would go on to leave his position at United Insurance Companies and eventually make his way over to the company he now leads, USHealth Group, Inc. Troy McQuagge recently received an accolade from an organization that is known as the One Planet Awards. According to a report the One Planet Awards awarded Troy McQuagge the prestigious CEO of the Year Award. The award is meant to honor excellence in executive leadership and Troy’s performance as USHealth Group Inc.’s chief executive officer. Visit: