Stream Energy: Energizing the Nation, One State after the Other

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is the top company in the United States, a country where the industry of energy is well-developed and modern, that is engaged in providing connected life services and in direct selling. Based on Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy has revolutionized the industry of energy through its use of direct selling. It has become one of the biggest energy providers in the global energy market considering the quality of their services and the number of clients that they have acquired in such a small period of time. When it comes to direct selling, the company has surpassed their expectations and has, in 12 years generated over $10 billion in lifetime revenue.

Stream Energy’s mission and vision are centered on putting the needs of their customers who are usually on-the-go first and keeping them connected. The company does this through seamlessly fitting together their services (Wireless Services, Home Services, and, of course, the Energy Services, as well as the security sector. Stream Energy provides their services in Illinois, Washington, D.C, Texas, Pennsylvania, and others.


Delaware is the latest state that has been added to Stream Energy’s ever-growing footprint of providing better energy services to the country ( Stream Energy officially launched in Delaware at the end of the year of 2017, and they are expecting to release their services in more areas by middle 2018. Delaware is the second state that was added in the same year, following their launch in September at Illinois.


Larry Mondry, CEO, and President of Stream Energy has said that the company is thrilled to have Delaware in their list of states where they provide energy services, including home services, wireless services, and protective services (WeeklyOpinion). Larry Mondry added that the addition of Delaware is an opportunity for both the consumers in the Northeast and Stream Energy to get to know each other and be one family, because, with Stream Energy, the customers’ voices are always heard.


During the launch, Delaware customers will have the added benefit of having a small percentage below the price from their semestral plan and with a competitive market pricing.