JPost Discusses George Soros Demonization

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager with a knack for philanthropy. Philanthropy’s been a part of Soros life since he was a small child. He grew up in a Nazi-occupied Hungary that then turned Communist. He learned from a young age how important democracy and human rights are to society.

Unable to continue living in Hungary, he eventually ended in the United States. He moved to New York and got a job on Wall Street. Before long, he was a successful hedge fund manager. During his career, he made billions, once even shorting the British pound with his aggressive trading style.

Once he starting making enough money, he began donating to local charities. Eventually, he founded the Open Society Foundations, which is now his primary philanthropy outlet. The NY Times says he’s donated $18 billion to Open Society since founding the organization more than 30 years ago.

Obviously, no one could donate that much money in one transfer. Soros’s been donating $800 million a year and plans on continuing his donation streak. He wants to donate another $2 billion before he’s too old to participate in social movements. Currently, he’s 87 years old; still young enough to fight, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

All those years ago, Open Society promoted democracy and human rights. Now, the organization helps out wherever and whenever it can. In 2014, it was a part of the treatment of Ebola during the outbreak. It’s aided programs that protect ethnic art and culture from being destroyed. It’s even protected the LGBT community and reduced police brutality.

If it’s not obvious by now, George Soros is Democratic. Hs political stance on many issues has attracted a lot of hate from the opposition. Mostly, it’s right-wing conspiracy theorists attacking his name and philanthropy. The small attacks, like name calling, aren’t that bad, and

As the years have progressed, the attacks have gotten worse. Now, they’re accusing him of any and everything horrible. They’re even belittling his philanthropy, saying it’s an attack on them. One of the worst things he’s accused of is causing the Charlottesville incident by supporting both sides of the fight.

George Soros has spoken about these accusations a few times. He’s mostly disgusted by these people’s attacks. There’s really no way of stopping the attacks, so he just ignores as best he can and continues helping, and more information click here.

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