Chris Burch: Building a Paradise in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with 13,000 beautiful islands, and one of them is Sumba Island. The island is located far from the populated centers of the country, and the island is filled with kind and hospitable people. The sceneries are beautiful, and the beaches in the island are virgin and not developed. It is a paradise for many, and it draws tourists from around the world because of its beauty. One of those foreigners who was attracted by the natural beauty of Sumba Island is Chris Burch, a wealthy American executive who is known for managing hedge funds and other financial assets in the United States. He is also an investor who has placed his wealth in different companies from some industries. He first saw the island in 2012, and along with his travel buddy James McBride, who is a hotelier, they decided to develop the island and build a luxury hotel and resort in it. Hop over to for an additional article.

The luxury hotel and resort was called Nihiwatu, and Chris Burch invested more than $30 million for its development. The beaches and coves near Nihiwatu are also developed, and more amenities were offered to the tourists visiting the place. Because of its facilities and accommodating staff, the luxury hotel and resort owned by Chris Burch was named by an influential travel magazine as the best hotel and resort on the planet. Travel + Leisure awarded the recognition back in 2016, and one of their reasons why Nihiwatu was chose is because of its natural beauty and the amenities that were offered to the guests.  Check

Chris Burch thanked the magazine for recognizing the effort of the staffs running the hotel and stated that it is right publicity for them because more people are now aware of the resort’s existence.  More about this seasoned entrepreneur on

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Today, Chris Burch and James McBride continue to develop the Nihiwatu luxury hotel and resort, and they keep bringing jobs to the local people of Sumba Island. More facilities are also being built on the island that benefits the local population. The island now has better ports and better roads for the locals and the tourists to use.  To know his new and follow on investments, browse on this.

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