Chris Burch’s Next Adventure

Chris Burch, one of the world’s leading retail brand owners of Tory Burch and C. Wonder, has decided to undertake a new industry, one of hospitality. Living in New York, New York, Burch has seen what inhospitality looks like from a front row seat. Throughout his years of being a business owner and CEO, Burch knows that the world needs to change.  Know more about his life and works, check

With that idea in mind, Chris Burch decided to take his business interests, including those of apparel and technology, to try to bring hospitality to the world through business. The only question left to be answered by the incredible businessman was, “how do I do it?”.

He answered his question by banding together with James McBride who owns a hotel. Burch bought a beach hotel in one of the Indonesian islands, spending millions of dollars to renovate the hotel, and then had a reopening to show off his new 5-star hotel to the masses.

This hotel, called Nihiwatu, is more like a tropical resort, which attracts many people of all varieties. Burch was counting on this, which is perhaps why the hotel has become one of the best hotels in the world. Burch initial says that he bought the hotel for his children, to give them a piece of something to preserve and a little something to give back to the community around the hotel.

The hotel is gorgeous as well, using the scenery and the architecture to showcase Burch’s keen eye for beauty. They even have a butler in each room, giving the hotel the air of luxury. Though Burch did not expect the hotel to rise into the mass that it is now, it seems that everything Burch touches turns to gold, which is proven by his other empires.  To learn of his new and follow on investments, check

To this day, Burch spends a great deal of time between the Hamptons, Miami, and his beautiful Indonesian resort, which is located on Sumba island. Additional article here.  One of the things that Burch boasts of is the 27 private villas on the resort, which also includes the creator’s home. He has a main house with additional villas for private guests, and each villa in the resort is equipped with a private plunge pool.  Click on for more reading about the luxury resort.

Burch didn’t need any extra money, but with the help of his friend, he gave himself, his family, and his community somewhere absolutely stunning to stay when visiting some of the most beautiful tropical lands in the world.

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