Securus Technologies

About Securus Technologies … they aspire to serve and connect nations . They have grown all across the world . The main focus is in public safety solutions ,investigative solutions ,corrections solutions and monitoring solutions . The public safety solutions include services such as 911 computer dispatch databases. These database are across the globe and help serve millions saving millions of lives . When someone first makes a call to 911 ; it’s up to the dispatch service to help them when in great need . How this connects to the investigative solutions is due to the fact it has to go from dispatch; dispatch connects the server to the investigative giving them a pin point location to go towards. In the case of emergency this helps greatly to be able to save an individual who may be in some sort of danger. This is a very important part of the process because it saves lives ! This technology service saves millions of people’s lives. The corrections is The a server that connects the outside networks for the law enforcement to be able to accurately pick up where the location is someone is when they are in need. Last but not least the monitoring solutions for an example is something like a tether . When a person who could be a danger to society or is just in house arrest is responsible for not being allowed to leave the house. This tether is basically an accuracy search for their location . This disabled them to go anywhere that’s to far from their home . They are only allowed to go a certain distance always from home and it cannot be far. The tether helps keep track of them with its security minoring ability and makes sure that they do not leave the house. As you can see secures Technologies is making the world a better place for our protection !