The Journey Of Alex Pall

Alex Pall, 32, a member of the award-winning group The Chainsmokers, grew up in Westchester County, New York. Growing up DJing had always been a fun hobby for Pall. While working at an art gallery in Chelsea Manhattan he soon realized that his love for dance music “had been consuming his life.” Pall had been working with their current manager, Adam Alperts, who introduced him to Drew Taggart, the other half of The Chainsmokers. Wanting to fully dedicate himself to his music, Pall quit his job and moved to New York City.


Although pressured by their music label and fans to produce an album, Pall was determined to wait until he and Drew could produce songs that were cohesive with one another. While they faced many difficulties in the music industry, there were perks as well. Pall remembered collaborating on their hit-song “Closer,” written on their tour bus, with the popular singer Halsey, who he described as “a very cool and unique artist.” See This Page for more information


To become the best possible DJs, Pall explained that he and Drew had become very observant of the world around them, noticing “who was killing it, and what was working and what was not.” Passionate about his music, Pall was also very honest about their songwriting process, stating that they work with other songwriters, but they write the songs with them, focusing on personal experiences.  (More about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


The Chainsmokers’ all hands-on-deck work ethic keeps their songs sounding authentic and unique, which is very important to Pall. His greatest payoff comes when he hears how his music has touched fans as far away as South Africa, hearing stories like “Hey, my daughter’s six years old and she loves your songs,” and they send a video of them singing it. Pall also thinks “it’s pretty cool” when his mom walks into the room humming their song “Roses.”


Pall revealed that the inspiration for their unique name The Chainsmokers came from a homeless man who once gave him a lighter for his cigarette. The man said, “oh you’re like a chain-smoker.”