Alex Pall Is Broadening The Talent Pool For The Chainsmokers By Looking Within

When the Chainsmokers, a popular DJ duo in the music industry released their new song “Closer” with vocals by Halsey, it didn’t seem like news that would grab a lot of attention. It’s common for this genre of music to use another popular vocalist to sing the vocals for their music. The surprising news though was that Alex Pall had worked on “Closer” with his partner Andrew Taggart, knowing that his partner was going to share in the vocals of the song.


Pall has not been afraid to experiment with the electronic format which has been very successful to the Chainsmokers in their music career. At one-point DJ’ing was just a hobby for Pall when he was working in an art gallery. Once his partner at the time left their part-time duo, he looked for a new partner. Taggart was working at Interscope and heard from an intern about how Pall’s partner in the Chainsmokers was leaving. That is how the duo of Taggart and Pall that are one of the hottest duos on the electronic music scene were introduced.


Pall points out that the Chainsmokers do not stand out just because one of their writers is now singing vocals, but due to the process they use. He mentioned that they both are thinking about new songs and bouncing ideas off each other constantly instead of just when they are meeting in the studio. Their new approach is going to be to write more about events and people in their lives, which is not a common theme in the electronic music industry. Most are just trying to create an album of unrelated hits, while The Chainsmokers are creating a concept album with an underlying theme as their next step.


The new approach is a step in taking a greater amount of ownership over their music. Pall and Taggart indicate that they will continue to hire outside vocalists when they feel it is necessary. Reflecting back on music scenes from the past, they both agreed that the attachment to the song is what is missing, and hope involvement equals success. Click Here for additional information.