How Alex Pall Is Getting On In The World Of Music

Chainsmokers released their new track ‘Closer’, unlike their singles like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, featuring Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. As opposed to the musicians who stand behind a DJ booth, The Chainsmokers efforts to personalize their brand dance goes along with their ambition of being recognized as real artists with goals and ambitions. Pall and Taggart are operating to show their identity on a daily basis. When we spoke to them about their new track, establishing status, and their plans, this is what Alex Pall had to say.


About working together

Pall said that he was a DJ when growing up and this was his hobby. He worked as a DJ through New York City which was more of side work, and Pall was passionate about it. Pall was at the art gallery and noticed that dance music was wasting his life; therefore, wanting to give it a better shot. At that time he still was with the same manager who introduced him to Drew, so they met and started working. When he moved down from Maine, Pall had to quit his job, and that is how it all began. Go Here for additional information.



About how they knew it would work after they met

Pall said that they all knew what they brought to the table. Their talks centered on what they liked about music and how they grew up. They got up together each day and worked on music and creating their identities.


On working with Halsey

Pall mentioned that she was incredible. He further added that if you would have asked them which artist they would want to work with, the number one on the list was Halsey. Pall described her as a cool and unique artist particularly mentioning her powerful voice. (Read more about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


On the kind of person connecting with their music

According to Pall, from what he sees on social media, it is becoming more of international, something that is exciting. He added that it is like they are reaching 16 to 25 demographics. What impresses them even more, is when they get messages from their fans praising their music. Pall added that irrespective of the age or physical appearance of their fans, what they care for is how their music makes them feel.