The Chainsmokers: Artists or Sensations?

History has seen many hit sensations flame out. One minute they are all anyone can talk about, making records, and winning awards. But then society shifts, interests change, people mature, the phases on the moon influence the tides, whatever you want to call it. Point is for any successful entertainer to stay mainstream, they must establish themselves as a true artist. They will always have the die-hard fans who would follow them into the fire, but they also need the fringe fans who can like them and leave them. This is where The Chainsmokers currently are.


The hit DJ duo made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have made quite a name for themselves in the last two years. Starting with their breakthrough song, #Selfie, the artists have gone from a top twenty slot in 2014, to the top 10 slot on Billboard’s Hot 100. They have from an obscure DJ/production group making remixes, to Grammy Awards winners. They have recorded songs with top artists like Coldplay and Halsey, even helped newcomer Daya start her career. Their Grammy wining song, Don’t Let Me Down, even rose as high as five on Billboard’s Top 100. All of this success has cemented them as artists and led to Forbes naming them the third highest paid DJ group. The duo, who comprises The Chainsmokers and whose music can be described as a blurred line between hip-hop, dance, Indie, and Pop, is only starting out and their next step determines the future.


2018 has already seen the release of their new single, Sick Boy, and the song is slated to take the duo in a completely different direction. The song is also the culmination of a decision to grow as artists instead of churning out the same hits that made them famous. The song, slated as a new chapter, has a darker tone. The direction it takes may very well cement the group as a mainstay, establishing them as artists. If successful then, The Chainsmokers will be regarded as legendary artists who influenced generations and not just as sensational artists, by history. Otherwise they will flame out. Go Here for more information.