Chris Burch Purchases Extravagant Vacation Property At Sumba Island

Chris Burch reached billionaire status in 2012, and shortly after this achievement he became owner of the world’s top vacation resort on Sumba Island. The purchase was made in partnership with James McBride, and Burch went to work building what originated as a hostel on the island into a top-rated vacation hotel according to Travel & Leisure. What makes this vacation resort stand out to visitors? Not only do you find clear blue skies with sandy beaches and palm trees providing a spectacular scene, but the hotel rooms themselves are decorated with some of the finest linens and furnished with tremendous comforts. You can take walks around the small island and explore around the waterfalls, and if you’d like you can venture into the hidden massage rooms out there (  Burch himself decided to buy a seasonal home at the island that comes with a set of luxuries in and of itself, and he plans on passing it down to his children one day.

Chris Burch is the owner of Burch Creative Capital which has investments in some of the most unique brands. The company was founded in 2008 and has been responsible for seed funding companies like Poppin office space management, Voss Water, Actua, Pypestream, Next Jump and other companies ranging from high-tech giants to organic food and drink suppliers. Burch has enjoyed purchasing some gifts from companies in his portfolio over the years, and some of his most favorite items include a Barbour Gisburne jacket, a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote handbag and candies from gift stores like Fatty Sunday’s.

Chris Burch was raised in a rural Pennsylvania town and attended Ithaca College as a young man. He actually began his first business before even graduating by buying up sweaters from a local textile plant and selling them door-to-door. This business became a multi-million dollar company known as Eagle Eye Apparel which opened over 50 stores in the US and generated over $140 million in sales. In the years following the sale of this company, Burch entered into several partnerships including Guggenheim Partners and the Internet Capital Group, and brands that he later owned partially include Tory Burch and Ellen DeGeneres’s ED company.

Chris Burch decided to start buying and joint investing in hotel properties in the late 90s and early 2000s including the Pierre Hotel co-op board, and Alan Faena’s Hotel + Universe. He undertook home flipping around 2005 when he bought a $14 million property in Southampton, NY and followed it up with several other properties ( His investment in Nihiwatu Resort was $30 million.

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