How Chris Burch Has Benefited The People Of Sumba

Travel and Leisure Magazine holds a poll each year where readers decide which is the best hotel in the world among other rewards. For the past two years they have said that honor goes to Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island, one of the islands that makes up the Asian country of Indonesia. Not that many years ago this island took three entire days to travel to. Now that it has an airport it can be reached in under an hour from Bali.

The Nihiwatu Resort was founded by two Americans back in the 1980s. What drew them to this place was that it had some of the best surfacing conditions in the world. They built up this resort up through the early 2010s which is when entrepreneur Chris Burch and a business partner made an offer that was attractive enough for them to sell off his business (

Burch and his business partner, a hotelier with many years of experience, poured in over $30 million to completely upgrade this resort into something that is world class and unlike any other hotel on the planet.

There are too many things to talk about when it comes to why the Nihiwatu Resort is one of the best hotels in the world. Chris Burch drew on his many business contacts to make improvements to every building in this resort, all of which have been rehabilitated, and to furnish them with luxurious furnishings. He has years of experience in fashion, technology, and high quality, organic food that he brought to bear when deciding what guests of this resort could experience.

One thing that Chris Burch finds important is that guests of the Nihiwatu Resort have access to an authentic experience on the island of Sumba. If they so desire guests can travel out into the broader community and discover how Sumbanese have lived for over a thousand years. The people of Sumba also work at this resort as the hotel staff including butlers that are personally assigned to every guest. Because Chris Burch also finds supporting the people of Sumba personally really important he has been giving funding to the Sumba Foundation which is dedicated to supporting educational opportunities on this island as well as food, water, and homes. More on

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