Eric Lefkovsky’s Goal of Creating Better Access For Cancer Treatment

Not everyone has the imagination or the business acumen to really make change in the world. For those who do, however, there is a strong compunction to move forward in every way possible, and get things moving in a positive direction. One of the people who has dedicated their life to being a “change maker” is CEO and tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkovsky.

Lefkovsky is the CEO founder of Tempus Labs, which was named one of Chicago’s Top Ten Health Techs. Lefkovsky started Tempus Labs when he saw a need for greater information exchange in the area of cancer treatment, and he is pushing forward with Tempus with the goal of starting a new era in the accessibility of information for physicians in the field.

A Wealth of Innovative Startups

Along with Tempus, Lefkovsky has also launched a large number of successful tech companies, including Groupon, Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics, and more. Along with his work as a tech entrepreneur, Lefkovsky is also an educator and a philanthropist. There’s no doubt that all his areas of expertise help stimulate the others, as his overriding goal is to help educate the public and move toward systems that are humane and caring.

Information Sharing

As a person who specializes in getting information from one group to another, through technical systems, Lefkovsky was surprised when he learned how difficult it can be for physicians specializing in cancer treatment to obtain needed data on patients. The goal of Tempus Labs is to deal with this problem by creating an information platform that brings doctors the clinic data they need to create effective treatment systems for patients. In Lefkovsky’s view, the information is available, and what is needed now is easy access for the medical personnel who require it. All of this will go a long way towards creating greater educational opportunities for doctors and greater chances for speeding effective treatment plans towards patients in need of care.

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