Malcolm Casselle Increases Global Supply of Virtual Goods

Malcolm Casselle is a true innovator and entrepreneur that are currently pioneering the development of technologies to increase the global supply of virtual goods transferred online over the blockchain. Currently, Malcolm Casselle serves as Chief Investment Officer of OpSkins a global technology research and development company that is creating new advancements that will revolutionize the way assets are transferred online and create blueprints for individuals to capitalize on platforms that can easily and safely perform asset exchange online. He also serves as President of World Asset Exchange a global technology company that is pioneering the access of wax tokens that are utilized over the blockchain to exchange asset value in newly created gaming systems.

Malcolm Casselle has gained prominence as an innovator and computer science guru by obtaining a high-level education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University where he studied computer science. After several respected appointments at some of the world’s most popular social media and internet companies, Malcolm has delivered exceptional results and provided high-level corporate governance over these world-renowned organizations and created a true talent and skill at delivering high-level technological advancements.

Companies such as Facebook and Groupon are two of the companies that have been influenced by the technological intelligence and leadership provided by Malcolm Casselle. Furthermore, at (WAX) World Asset Exchange developments in the newly created Wax Tokens have created opportunities in the online asset exchange industry that will create safe and secure online transfers.

WAX is utilizing smart contracts that can be delivered over the blockchain across regional borders in a decentralized efficient manner. Within the newly created blockchain, online transfers can be made without going through the central banking system which allows easy transfer without a lot of regulations and time lost. The normal institutionalize transfers from bank accounts can be inefficient in comparison.

Malcolm Casselle serves OPSkins as well as World Asset Exchange well and is revolutionizing the way online assets can be transferred by creating easy to use and safe ways for delivering upon the years of intellectual development and research put into the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and various other newly-formed ways to transfer wealth and resources online. By creating a streamlined approach to delivering virtual goods, the global Supply of online assets transfers is increasing and allowing a true blueprint for future success and decentralized asset transfer.