Take Risks, Be Unique and Gain Attention With Academy of Art University

People who make the most out of fashion are going to be unique. When they wear some different types of clothes, they are going to get a lot of different attention. The type of attention they get is going to be all over the map. For one thing, some people are going to admire them for their courage to express themselves even if they are a little bit outside of the norm. At the same time, there are going to be some people who are going to have certain things to say to the individual who is daring enough to try on this unique piece of fashion.

The same can be said from the designer end of fashion, especially for students of Academy of Art University. When students take classes on the different aspects of fashion, they are encouraged to do something that has never been done before. They run the risk of getting ridiculed for their design. However, this is actually a large part of fashion. Sometimes, designers are going to attract the negative attention of certain people. However, they are also going to be noticed for the bravery they have when it comes to these designs. One of the most important things that Academy of Art University does is empower students to think outside of convention.

Sometimes, it is worth the attention and other things that come with it in order for people to express themselves. This is one of the lessons that are taught at Academy of Art University. One of the worst things to do for business is to try and copy what others are doing. Academy of Art University teaches students how to be original so that they will be able to stand out and get the type of attention that is going to bring them to the next level of success in their careers.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://www.academygalleries.com/academy-galleries/about/contact-us.html


The Intent of the Chainsmokers to Transform the Music Industry

Earlier this year, The Chainsmokers attended the globe’s largest Grammy Awards in the city of New York. During the event, The Chainsmokers demonstrated the secret behind their hit song known as somebody. According to the duo, somebody, as their recent hit, incorporates various modular synth activities, as well as, vocal samples, which are well pitched. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall postulate the uniqueness of their composition. As such, the duo promises its fans a more sophisticated tutorial concerning the song. The most exciting part regarding The Chainsmokers’, somebody, is the idea that the vocals were partly recorded for a different song. This phenomenon explains the constant change of the pitch of the song.

Besides participating in the 60th Grammy Awards, The Chainsmokers have garnered other different prizes from a variety of agencies. Taggart and Pall’s achievements commenced in 2014 when they released their premier hit song famous as “Selfie.” Later in 2015, the artists’ debut EP was launched featuring the duo’s single “Roses.” After a series of perfecting their presence in the music industry, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart won the 59th edition of the Grammy Awards, particularly for the excellent dance-recording category. Other prizes presented to Alex and Andrew Taggart includes the American Music Prizes, as well as, iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The previous achievements of the accolades have influenced their desire for present and future success. Consequently, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart commenced this year aiming at propelling their music to a higher notch. They began their work at the beginning of the year, releasing a song track called ‘Sick Boy.’ The song incorporated Taggart’s sophisticated vocals and live instrumentations. Sick Boy is unique from the previous composition of the Chain Smokers given that the song is catchy, intoxicating and attractive to old and latest fans. The video accompaniment of the song has attained many views approximating to 136 million. The enthusiastic nature of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart drives their motives directed towards expanding the scope of the task of DJs. Andrew and Alex use exclusive strategies including their appropriate use of social media, live vocals and instrumentations to attract the attention of their fans.



Why You Need Someone At Your Side When Pursuing Financial Fitness

While many people discuss how important it is to be fit when it comes to the physical sense, not a lot of people are discussing how important it is to be fit financially. After all, if you are not fit financially, your entire life will suffer. You will not be able to have the peace of mind without stress, which is necessary in order to maintain a healthy heart and a healthy body. Not only that, but you also will not be able to afford or have the time for working out and eating healthy stuff.


Following are some tips for staying fit financially. First of all, you have the understand why you need to be financially fit. Without a good reason why, you will not be as motivated to do things that are necessary in order to be fit financially. As mentioned earlier, a good reason may be that you want to have the time, peace of mind, and the funds to pursue a life that is healthy physically. Perhaps your reason for searching for financial fitness is that you want to be able to travel the world. Perhaps you simply want to spend more time with your family. Regardless of why you want to do it, make sure that your reason is well defined and something that will motivate you to take the necessary steps in the direction of financial fitness.


You should also have a routine. When it comes to physical fitness, people have exercise routines. The same should really go for financial fitness. You need to have a routine for making sure that you are financially fit. For example, write down all of your expenses and compare them to your income. Always review your debt and evaluate where you are standing in regards to them. You have to constantly be on top of where you are standing financially. In addition, just as when it comes to physical fitness, you want to have a workout buddy. You want to have someone by your side who will motivate you when things go tough. You need someone who will push you to pay off your debts before you go spend money on some fancy vacation. A good workout buddy will be encouraging and will know when to push you at the same time.


Finally, get a financial coach, such as Infinity Group Australia. A financial coach is even better than just a workout buddy who is a friend or family member, because a financial coach has the experience of dealing with plenty of people in your situation. They know exactly how to motivate you and keep you on top of the task on hand. Learn more: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Infinity-Group/reviews

Organizing a Success Plan With Richard Dwayne Blair

Success is a very tricky thing for most people. One of the reasons that it is often hard to attain is that a lot of people do not have the plan they need. One thing that is certain is that some goals are going to take a lot of energy. Therefore, people need to come up with a way to be efficient. One of the best ways to be efficient is to have a plan and a way to be organized. People that are organized are going to achieve plenty of goals. The only thing is that a lot of people are unable to be organized.

Fortunately, there are people who are able to help with organizational skills. One such person that can help people get organized is financial expert Richard Dwayne Blair. He understands that the key to financial success in any type of goal is organization. People who are able to be organized are going to be the ones that are able to take themselves to higher financial class. For instance, people who are under the line of poverty are going to be able to make it to the a higher level beyond poverty when it comes to finances.

Richard Dwayne Blair makes sure that his plans are able to help people with goals that range from just paying off debt to actually becoming financially prosperous. Among the benefits people can get from the work of Richard Dwayne Blair is that they can hope for a comfortable retirement. One thing that is certain is that people are not going to be able to work for all of their lives. Their abilities are going to deteriorate as they get older. This is one of the reasons that Richard Dwayne Blair helps people get a plan in place so that they will be able to support themselves after retirement.


Brian Torchin Is Blazing The Trail for Healthcare Recruitment

It’s not hard to see that Brian Torchin is covering all bases for the healthcare staffing needs of busy providers all over America. His social media presence is a true testament of the work ethic his business, HCRC Staffing, offers.

HCRC pitches healthcare recruitment counseling, with over 18 years of experience. His website http://www.hcrcstaffing.com is straight forward and offers the fastest means of staffing your office. If you need a new hire immediately, they will have fresh referrals in your email inbox in less than 72 hours! Visit postings.com for more info.

He offers the ability to fulfill needs for front desk assistants, billing managers, office managers, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, and more. His clients include private practices, urgent care centers, and hospitals.

The reason HCRC is the perfect solution to hiring and retaining quality employees, is because they understand the process of recruitment and retention. They understand that good help is hard to find.

Brian Torchin is trailblazing the hiring process by making it simple and accessible. He offers an easy one-click application process to his profile page on Facebook for over 100 jobs! He has no shortage of practices already using his services. In addition, he works in all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

The reason why HCRC Staffing is the perfect solution to hiring and retaining quality employees for an advancing practice, or healthcare office, is because he offers professional hiring for highly sought after medical personnel. Finding a nurse practitioner or physician could be progressively difficult as healthcare needs increase.

HCRC offers customization of services well-tailored for his client’s needs. Finding quality people to run a business is a complex and time-consuming job. They are trailblazing the hiring process by identifying the needs of the client and executing to find the highest qualified employee.

Located in Merion Station, PA he brings a small town feel of staffing loyal and hardworking personnel that is scales to any size company.

Good employees are hard to find. HCRC Staffing has the solution. They are accessible on multiple domains including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to name a few. Visit: http://www.slideshare.net/BrianTorchin


The RealReal New Beauty Deal

Consignment shops pay their customers cash for their unwanted clothing and other items. The RealReal is a high-end luxury shop that also pays their customers cash for their unwanted clothing. The company believes that they are providing an easy way to recycle luxury clothing to their customers at a very reasonable price. Certainly, it’s all about sharing the luxury experience while providing their other customers with cash. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved. The RealReal has developed a new plan to build on the trust that the company has developed over the past few years, by providing their customers with luxury brand beauty products.

Adding Luxury Beauty Products

The RealReal is testing a nice little selection of beauty products at their Manhattan SoHo location and their Las Vegas location. This is an easy way to provide their customers with the ability to buy luxury brand beauty products while they shop for their clothing. Rati Levesque, chief merchant at The Real Real states that we want our customers to continue thinking of the company as a trusted place to purchase several categories of luxury items. He continued with this is only the beginning, look for more beauty products in the future.

Stepping Away

The RealReal is stepping away from their usual consignment business model to adopt a retail model. All the beauty products in their online stores and brick and mortar stores are new. Look for high-end luxury brands like Pai Skincare, Rahua, Ellis Brooklyn, Babo Botanicals, Joanna Vargas, In Fiore, Maison Louis Marie, Kahina Giving Beauty, Olio E Osso, Julisis, Uma Oils, Grown Alchemist, Cap Beauty and others in all their shops. It is also interesting to note that the company is not going through a third party to get their hands on the luxury beauty items. The RealReal is directly buying those products.

The RealReal is another retailer that recognized that consumers prefer to purchase their luxury products from a trusted and reliable source. They’ve built on that relationship of trust by providing their customers with multiple beauty products and clothing that they know are the real deal.

Sightsaver’s Fight to End Eye Disease

Trachoma is one of the world’s oldest eye diseases and the largest cause of infectious blindness. It’s a contagious eye disease where there is a roughening of the inner surface of the eyelid. This disease is very painful, as it scratches away at the outer surface of the cornea, eventually leading to blindness. If the condition happens frequently enough or is left untreated, the eyelids could eventually turn inward, causing permanent blindness.


The disease is more prevalent in poverty stricken regions due to the lack of clean water and proper sanitation. Trachoma is still affecting children’s ability to learn and also affecting the lives of those that are unable to work and make a living to support their families, although it happens to be a disease that is extremely treatable and preventable. Girls in Africa even wear tweezers to pull out their eyelashes for temporarily relief, only to have them grow back more vicious that the first time.


Thankfully, Sightsaver’s has joined collaborative forces with other International non-governmental Organizations, and members of the International Coalition for Trachoma control to create projects to help to fight back against this debilitating disease and ultimately eliminate the disease as a public health problem in coming time.


Their joint efforts have not gone unrewarded either, as in 2016, the Country of Morocco was able to announce that the disease had ended in their region. A year later, Mexico, Cambodia, and Laos also became free of trachoma cases. There are six other countries that are well on their way to being able to say they, too, are free of the disease, and one of these happen to be Ghana. Ghana is close to being the only commonwealth, sub-Saharan African country to say they have eliminated the disease, which a great accomplishment in and of itself.


The ability to obtain and provide the resources for higher quality data has played major role in bringing about the diseases demise. National health ministries are now able to more accurately track and collect high quality data and transmit it faster than ever before. With that being said, health ministries are now able to analyze and apply results faster; in even the most remote of areas.


With the continued efforts of Sightsavers and their partners across the world, countries that have once been plagued by trachoma are on the verge of being able to commit it to history, eliminating the disease for good.

Dr. Jennifer Walden – a model of perfection

There are thousands of doctors in almost all the specializations that graduate each year but there is only a handful of them who go on to establish a name for themselves. While some are gifted, some achieve the special status through meticulous hard work and dedication. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a combination of both and her service over the past 8 years has totally justified the above statement. She started her career in plastic surgery in New York City, but eventually moved back to Austin, Texas and started her practice in the hippy and capital city of The Lone Star State.

One approach that Dr. Walden is widely known for is her usage of three-dimensional technology to visualize patient’s look before the surgical process and she has also been a pioneer of some of the instruments that she devised for breast-related surgeries. She also serves as an expert consultant for many aesthetic companies and also a commentator for media houses like Dr 90210 and VH1. In the year 2014, she has been listed as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. Even while she was a student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, she was a top student.

She feels that plastic surgery is very personal to her and she firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance to look better and no one shall be deprived of a chance to look fresh and young. She is extremely kind and polite to her patients and tries to fully understand their reasons for surgery and also their expectations. This gives her a good level of understanding to come up with the best possible plan for her patients. Also, for a fact that she is likely to be booked at almost all times, it is advisable for you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get started.

Her Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

Bruno Fagali’s Expertise in the Litigation Industry

     As an attorney, Bruno Fagali is mainly concerned with legal matters. Recently, Judge Juliano Taveira made a decision that breweries have to include the precise cereals entailed in the brew labels. Attorney Bruno gives the entire history that led to the making of this decision. According to Bruno Fagali, the Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the inclusion of cereal records on beer labels within sixty days. On the other hand, Bruno pioneered the creation of new rules concerning the marketing of cigarettes. Bruno postulates that it is essential to include particular cigarette components in the packet. Such elements include the name of the item, manufacturer, as well as, the ingredients.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer whose operations are geared towards transitioning the litigation system in his nation to a new dimension. Bruno’s experience and profound knowledge in the legal industry have built a reputation for him. Bruno Fagali attended different prestigious institutions. First, Bruno Jorge went to the University of Pontifical Catholic situated in Sao Paulo where he acquired his bachelor’s law. In 2012, Bruno returned to Sao Paulo to specialize in Administrative Law. After successful completion of studies in Pontifical Catholic Institution, Bruno joined Sao Paulo University where he graduated with an MA in State Law. Having furthered his studies to higher levels, Bruno Jorge is famous for handling litigation issues diligently.

Other factors including his previous exposure contribute to Bruno’s excellence. Bruno is associated with a variety of law firms since 2006 where he performed different tasks. Mr. Bruno attaches his success trajectory to his experience. After working diligently for numerous law firms, Bruno Jorge climbed his way up to founding his law firm. Now, Bruno works at Nova/SB as the agency’s Corporate Integrity Manager. Moreover, he pioneers the operations of Fagali Law Firm independently as the organization’s founder. Bruno’s diversity in the industry stems from his unique skills. Bruno Jorge is talented in not only state law but also parliamentary litigation, as well as, administrative law. Additionally, Bruno operates in different areas including Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro. Bruno intends to skyrocket the position of the legal industry to higher levels.