Ten Quick Tips On Making A Usable To-Do List

Use these great tips to get a to-do list that will help you plow through your projects and get everything done in time:

1) Jot It All. Write everything down that needs to be done. The goal is to jot it down and tackle it as you go along. You don’t want unfinished tasks to keep running through your mind, making it harder for you get what you’re working on completed. This is unnecessary stress/

2) Write Your List Ahead Of Time. Take the time to create your list when your energy is the lowest so you can use high energy times to actually do work.

3) Keep your list in a single place with everything on it.

4) Add time attributes to your task so you know what time of day and how much time will be allotted for the project

5) Add a priority to each task so you know what you should get working on immediately.

6) Evaluate your list. Remove items that won’t matter or don’t make sense. You probably don’t need to do them.

7) Assign some of your work off if you have an assistant to help you.

8) Breakup tasks into bunches of work and steps so you can feel less overwhelmed.

9) Organize your work into similar piles, so you can run through all tasks of the same nature back to back instead of bouncing around.

10) Designate Energy levels to tasks. The ones that need the most energy should be completed at times when you have the most energy to take them on.

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