Victoria Doramus: Breaking the Forces That Hold You Back

Success in life comes with great determination in what you do and avoiding whatever may hinder your future goals. When you look at the life experience of people with great names like Victoria Doramus, you discover that how you begin doesn’t determine how you end. Although Victoria has become a marketing expert with incomparable skills, she couldn’t have become so if she didn’t purpose to fight alcohol and drug addiction. Overcoming such addiction is a great struggle, but one has to purpose to avoid vices that make their life dull. Her name has become a force in the marketing industry, and her immense reputation isn’t declining any soon.

Victoria is a true example of how someone who has been in a particular situation would help others get out of it. Many people today are well educated and with great career objectives. However, alcohol and drug addiction have shuttered their great dreams. Victoria has become a reliable source of strength and motivation to most hopeless people today. Many addicts don’t understand how they got into certain nasty affairs and they try to get out of this bondage in vain. Having been to a rehabilitation center in Tucson, Victoria Doramus now understands that anyone struggling with alcohol and drug addiction can give their life a fresh start and become great someday.

The reformed woman took a different path in life and considered the marketing industry a source of massive inspiration. London and New York are grateful to have Victoria as one of the prominent marketing strategists they ever had. Victoria Doramus was a student at Colorado Boulder University where she studied mass communications and journalism. She gave marketing and fashion trends a personable view and unique approach, and this has won her a prominent name. She has been a committed, creative consultant at Mindshare and Stila Cosmetic where she helped it to get high-quality visual materials and gave its creative projects a professional approach.

Victoria has also worked for Creative Artists Agency as a freelance writer and trend correspondent. Trendera will always be thankful to Victoria Doramus for the great marketing campaigns she developed for various global trends and lifestyles. She wouldn’t have achieved all this if she didn’t purpose to break the bad habit she had developed. She advises those still struggling with addiction, to be honest with themselves to make the fight easier. Knowing why you developed a bad habit helps you know how you should break it.