The Chainsmokers and “Closer” Track

The Chainsmokers released their album “Closer” more than two years ago. The album that was the biggest hit has currently been certified diamond in the United States for more than 10 millions shipment units. The musicians broke the news on their pages on Instagram as they posted photos of their newly-minted inscriptions showing that they achieved a diamond single to their group. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) had last credited the global smash to the group as a seven times platinum. The RIAA has not updated its website to show the current diamond credited group, the Chainsmokers. Because the musicians have already talked about their success, the RIAA website is likely to update the information soon to validate the information.

During the late 2016 summer, “Closer” quickly found its way up to the top list of Hot 100 and was the ruling album for longer more than people could have predicted. Closer controlled the listing of the all-genre single for several consecutive frames. It is the longest No.1 running hit on the History of United States.

“Closer” has collected several music awards as well as making the musicians earn their first Grammy nominations. The track did not win last year’s Group/Pop Duo performance category; however, it has kept on racking up sales as well as being played on radio and streams since it was released. Moreover, “Closer” has been the longest running hit at the top of the Billboard’s electronic/Hot dance song chart until it was passed by “The Middle” by Maren Morris, Zedd, and Grey a few months ago. The Closer lost its No.1 position to Twenty One Pilots’s Stressed Out which was a surprise hit.

Before they released “Closer”, the Chainsmokers had already released some top ten hit tracks and so far made the duo to become superstars. For Halsey who collaborated with the Chainsmokers to release this track, it was the single that brought her a significant breakthrough. Before the release of the Closer, Halsey had already showcased her rising talent. She had brought her a huge fan base with her talent before collaborating with the Chainsmokers.

How Brazil’s CAOA Became A Huge Latin America Car Dealer And Manufacturer

CAOA is a car dealer and manufacturer that is located in Brazil. It was started by entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He started out his professional life as a medical doctor but when he bought a car and the dealer declared bankruptcy before they could deliver it he offered to take possession of the business in exchange for his down payment. He is now this company’s chairman of the board.

As per Mix Palestras, during his time as a vehicle dealership owner, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has sold Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, Renault, and Subaru vehicles. He wasn’t able to sell imported vehicles until the law changed in 1992. One of his longest relationships with foreign car manufacturers is with South Korea’s Hyundai.

The relationship between him and Hyundai led to him building a vehicle manufacturing facility in Anápolis, Goiás. The reason he chose this location is that where it is based makes it possible to build a large supply chain that can send cars throughout Brazil and into nearby countries.

CAOA has a deep respect for the environment and wants to limit its effect on it as much as possible. In 2010, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade implemented a program at its vehicle manufacturing facility that reuses water. His company also participates in an initiative that is reforesting the Brazilian Midwest.

His plant received the “Good Doer Company” recognition which is issued by the magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro. For three consecutive years, his company earned the “Most Admired” designation that Carta Capital magazine awards.

CAOA is now the largest vehicle manufacturing and distribution conglomerate in Latin America. They are getting even bigger through a recent partnership with China’s Chery, a deal signed in 2017. They jointly launched CAOA CHERY which is a 100% Brazilian automaker. Chery offers its advanced technologies to this partnership while CAOA brings its engineering strength and extensive sales experience.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s company now sells Subaru, Hyundai, and Ford vehicles. They exclusively import a few Hyundai and Subaru brands as well. The vehicles they manufacture include Hyundai’s Tuscon, HR and HD80 trucks, and the new Tuscon SUVs.

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Contribution Of Jingdong To Conservation Of The Environment


JD .com is an online shopping mall that deals in electronics and many other commodities. It was started by a Chinese entrepreneur called Richard Liu Qiangdong. was mainly created to curb the inaccessibility challenge that the business was facing. Richard thought it wise to conduct business online and have products delivered to clients worldwide. This way, he would be able to reach a wider market and at a faster rate making more profit. The company greatly relies on the internet. Employees have the responsibility of updating the company’s profile and website. Clients can then access the shop’s website easily and conveniently as the app is available to even mobile sets.


One of their major breakthroughs of came in when Gieves &Hawkes opened a store on Jingdong. Gieves & Hawkes is a prestigious brand well known for dressing celebrities including Prince William. Kent & Curwen that partners with David Beckham also has a store on Jingdong. With these and more prestigious brands on board, the online shopping mall is growing to greater achievements in the investment industry.


The company has always been cautious when it comes to taking care of the environment. Being an online venture, delivery is a major part of transaction. Recently, launched packaging products that can be used over and over again. This way, their packaging will not be a source of pollution to the environment as clients will reuse them rather than disposing them off. In order to promote the use of these boxes that customers return to after receiving their orders, the shop awards points that can be redeemed for items at the shop.


Jingdong is also trying to ensure that their delivery vehicles emit very minimal carbon in the air during transportation. For this reason, the company uses hydrogen powered cars. These cars have been seen operating in Shanghai. Mid this year, they also purchased around fifty vehicles that are solar powered. All these efforts are geared towards ensuring a pollution free delivery process. See Related Link for more information.


Jingdong has gone further by launching an institute to help control traffic and regulate the pollution vehicles cause in urban areas. The e-commerce giant has been faithful to implementing green practices in their logistics network, having rolled out the Green Stream Initiative back in 2017


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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Properly Handled a Challenging Situation

Papa John’s had declining pizza sales when they were no longer the NFL’s official pizza. Major league baseball was significantly reducing their interaction with the company. In Louisville, images from the company were being removed from pizza boxes and other marketing materials. It was a difficult situation. Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie knew what was required to overcome this challenging time. He went to work to prevent any further damage and fix what damage had been done to the company.


Some bad things had been said by those representing the company. Ritchie knew the things that were said did not represent his company’s values. It was a time for the company to distance itself from what had been said. CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s told everyone how it is important to remember Papa John’s is not just one person. It is a company with over 119,000 corporate as well as franchise team members worldwide. They are individuals who live in the communities where their Papa John’s restaurants are located and come from all walks of life. These are people who work hard to provide their customers with the best possible pizza and service. These are individuals who are local franchise owners and operators who do many things for their community.


Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie knew it was time to change things. He had the company bring in outside experts to analyze the company’s inclusion, culture and diversity practices. Senior management was sent to visit employees as well as franchisees to get their feedback on moving forward. Ritchie wanted their actions to be transparent and for the company to be held accountable. The goal was for Papa John’s is to do better.

Apology Letter

There was an apology letter drafted and then adjusted by CEO Steve Ritchie. It was a letter designed to be direct and specifically address customer’s concerns. The letter included a direct apology as well as empathy for what had happened. Many consider the letter to have been well done.

With Steve Ritchie’s leadership, the company was able to regain its popularity. He is currently the CEO of Papa John’s. Before this, he was the company’s President starting in 2015. Ritchie was a Senior Vice President for Papa John’s from 2013 to 2015 and served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer from 2014 to 2017.

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Charlamagne Tha God Discusses His Successful Approach To Therapy


The stigma of mental health problems has plagued the African-American community for many decades with attitudes finally looking as though they are changing due to a number of high profile black males admitting to their own struggles. Rapper and radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God recently opened up about his own mental health issues in a discussion with fellow artist, Kanye West and in his book, “Shook One”.

In recent interviews, Charlamagne Tha God has been open about his own problems with anxiety which have affected him since childhood. One of the main areas of assistance for the rapper has been in seeking to discuss his problems through therapy sessions he now recommends for any individual who feels they are struggling with their own mental health. The changing attitude towards mental health issues has been highlighted by the interview between Kanye West and Charlamagne Tha God on the nationally-syndicated, “The Breakfast Club” morning show.

Both Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye West were expected to take part in an upcoming “TimesTalk” discussion sponsored by The New York Times. However, Charlamagne Tha God canceled the event citing the erratic behavior of West in recent weeks not allowing for the meaningful discussion needed to take place. The event was designed to heighten awareness of the key aspects of mental health issues in the African-American community, but Charlamagne Tha God believes the recent discourse expressed by Kanye West makes it difficult for a fair and balanced discussion to take place. Many observers also believe the recent Oval Office rant by West claiming he threw out his prescription medication and was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder were major stumbling points for Charlamagne Tha God moving forward with the discussion. See This Page for more information.


From 360Buy To JD. COM

This is the largest retail company in China, online and overall. It is only the leading online or internet company in terms of revenue, making it a Fortune Global Five Hundred member. stands out from other online retailers because it’s quality services, commitment to authenticity and it’s wide product and service range. It’s products include and are not limited to food, cosmetics, and electronics. The level and speed of delivery that works with are unmatched worldwide. Its market area is over a billion clients and the networks operate on the same-day and next-day delivery principles. also includes a variety of payment services to suit different types of clients.


A brief history on

The company was founded in 1998 by Liu Qiangdong as a brick and mortar retail store but went online in 2004. Before it was known as Jingdong or, the company went by 360buy. When it started it’s online endeavors, the company was a magneto-optical store. Jingdong later diversified it’s sales to electronics, computers and computer peripherals, mobile phones and other devices in the same category. In the month of June 2007, the name changes to and later to in 2013 a move that was worth over 5 million us dollars. It was the same move that later becomes the biggest and toughest competition for

Jingdong Mall is the highest user of technology and artificial intelligence in the delivery of its products. It utilizes drones, robots and other autonomous technologies in its operations. This use of technology has also made the company have the biggest drone system or infrastructure and capabilities in the world.


Expansion and growth.

Due to its commitment to quality and use of high-level technology, Jingdong Mall has grown rapidly over the years. It spread its market, by increasing the variety of products throughout China and as of this year, is in Vietnam, France, and the UK. The e-commerce giant plans to set it’s footprint further in the years to come. The GMV of the company has been increasing very financial year i.e. in 2011 it was RMB 32.7 billion, in 2012 73.3 billion, in 2013 125.5 billion, in 2014 260.2 billion, in 2015 462.7 billion and in 2016 the GMV was 658.2 billion. With this steady growth in GMV, the company is sure to spread its print. Go Here to learn more.



Altium Capital Is The Next Venture For Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb has founded his latest company, Altium Capital, after the closing of his previous investment company. He previously was the owner and former Chief Investment Officer of Visium Asset Management, a primarily healthcare directed investment firm. Several of the top level executives of Visium were found to be involved in an insider trading scandal that rocked the company and forced its demise. Jacob had led the company to a high level of success and recognition before the government investigation started. He was not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

His interest in investing, a lifetime passion for Jacob, was the impetus for the creation of Altium Capital. His in-depth understanding of the complexities of investing seem to come naturally to Jacob. He became intrigued in the market as a young teen after he ended up the winner of a contest in school. It was a contest for picking stocks and Jacob excelled at it. His father saw his potential, and he helped him continue on to develop his skill. Jacob Gottlieb was also interested in becoming a medical professional, and his schooling included the completion of his M.D.

Jacob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics upon his graduation from Brown University. He further pursued his education at NYU Medical School, and there he earned his M.D. He finished his medical internship at New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital. Even though Jacob was fully prepared and ready to begin practicing medicine, his love for the world of finance won over. However, his commitment to the healthcare industry did not wain. The healthcare sector was a major focus of the companies that Jacob Gottlieb founded over the years, including that of Altium Capital.

The first position that Jacob Gottlieb pursued in his investment career was at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., a firm based in New York City. Jacob went on to achieve a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation to better himself financially and professionally. It was several years later that Jacob Gottlieb went into his first business for himself.

Stream Energy Cares About Their Community

Stream Energy has proven that they are a company that genuinely cares about people and they did not hesitate to jump in and help when Hurricane Harvey hit and devastated the lives of countless people. The Stream Cares Foundation has partnered with Hope Supply Company Co. in order to bring relief to American families who lost their homes, their belongings, pets, and their lives.

Stream Energy has used money that they earned form energy sales in order to help fund many good causes. Stream Cares is a foundation that helps those in need through local charities as well as supports communities. Stream Energy is a corporation that gives back and has given a large part of their profit to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately needed a hand up.

Stream Energy is based out of Dallas and has built relationships with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity and has been able to do a lot of good through their partnerships. Through direct selling, Stream is able to pay associates to create a network of clients and deliver products and services. Associates earn a commission and can choose which causes to support. They are particularly concerned about the growing homeless problem in the Dallas area and are working with Hope Supply Co. to provide diapers, school supplies, and clothing to homeless children.

Stream was there after the tornado of 2016 hit and did not hesitate to spring into action. They worked with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars to help those in need in North Texas who lost everything.

Stream has also provided support through Operation Once in a Lifetime which helps to serve veterans in the Dallas area as well as their families. Stream donated transportation to military veterans and their families to a special December lunch and co-hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for ten

daughters of military members.

Stream Energy is all about transforming the lives of others, and they understand that not everyone has what they need and sometimes they need a little help to get back on their feet.

David McDonald Plays A Significant Role In The Development Of OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group, a company that produces value-added protein food. He was born and raised in Iowa. He attended Iowa State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. He began his career in the foods industry by working for the North American Meat Institute. He rose to the position of chairman of this organization, and at the same time, he joined OSI Group as project manager. From a projects manager, he worked hard and showed the management that he was capable of doing better if he was given a prominent role. His efforts were recognized, and he was appointed the president of the organization.

Since he started working at OSI Group, the company has recorded tremendous strides in the food industry. The company is now a leading company globally and has its work geared towards achieving better results by serving the interest of their customers better. The company has a commitment to the customers that they will only deliver top products and services to them. David McDonald has been working with OSI Group for the past three decades and the growth and success recorded so far has been through his efforts. One of the things that he has done with the management of the company is that he has streamlined operations to the extent that, although the company has many branches in different parts of the globe, it is operating seamlessly.

David McDonald has put up a logistics team which ensures that the global operations of OSI Group are flowing smoothly. The logistics team has also helped the company to come up with a strategy that will keep the company at the top of the industry, by taking keen on innovations which drive the industry. The logistics team is deployed to all areas where they are currently serving customers. The team works closely with the local consumer so that they can understand what the consumer wants. The role of the company is to serve the consumer with the products that they want.

David McDonald has been behind some of the acquisitions that have taken place in recent times. He was responsible for the acquisition of Baho Foods by OSI Group. After the acquisition of this company, OSI Group now has acquired a better presence in the European market. Through the leadership of David McDonald, the company has also been able to open facilities in many countries around the globe.

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