JD.com Launches The Environmental-friendly Green Box Packaging System

In the recent year, many companies across the world have adopted various ways of environmental management in their operations. The methods benefit both the customers and the companies in one way or another. While some companies invest in machinery that does not pollute the environment, others invest in environmentally friendly packaging materials. JD.com is one of the companies investing in such packaging materials.


The largest e-commerce retail shop in China started embracing the new packaging method for sustainable consumption through making deliveries in reusable containers in small and medium-sized deliveries. The method does not only cut the production cost but also conserve the environment tremendously. According to Jingdong, the initiative can save up to 32.5 million RMB annually if 10% of orders go through the new program.


Although Jingdong provides this service free, the customers have a chance to select if they would like to use the new packaging system on the billing page called the “Green Box”. The customer returns the box after receiving the order reusable for up to 10 times.


Additionally, JD.com rewards the customers with loyalty points as a way of encouraging them to embrace the system. The loyalty points are exchanged for Jingdong’s products. The green boxes initiative applies in small and medium-sized products like skin care products, watches, makeup, cell phones, and jewelry. However, the green boxes are not applicable to fresh food products. See This Page for additional information.


The Green Box usage service started in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. It will extend to five more cities including Chengdu. According to JD.com’s management, more than 20 cities will be covered by the end of 2018. The JD Logistics Head of Planning and Development, Bing Fu noted that the customers enjoy the usage of the green boxes because they know that they are taking part in minimizing carbon emissions. Jingdong launched the “Green Stream Initiative” last year that involves environmental friendly packaging materials and improves the environment.


JD.com is the largest e-commerce retail shop that operates both in online and offline businesses. The company is one of the pillars of the country’s fast-growing economy. It has taken part in coming up with unique business practices that help other companies in keeping up with the vibrant economy. Jingdong is a game changer in the Chinese economy.


Visit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-retailer-jd-com-turning-its-logistics-network-into-broader-delivery-service-1539833400