Jingdong Insights Into Environmental Conservation


E-commerce is here to stay and has revolutionized the way people conduct business. It has created convenience for customers in such that they can purchase what they want at wherever they are. The advancement has generated new opportunities for retailers such as JD.com. The company believes that retailers must actively take steps which allow for sustainable global consumption. JD foundation is an affiliate of JD.com and it focuses on sustainability and coordination in the innovative world.

Promoting Sustainability

The key components of Jingdong Foundation are sustainability which leads to e-commerce companies making a difference. Jingdong Mall focuses on waste reduction through the removal of excess waste from the process of delivery. JD.com, for instance, allows its customers to return delivery boxes for recycling and reuse; it promotes this culture across retail partners and delivery companies.

Moreover, JD Foundation together with other companies is projecting to introduce biodegradable materials in the future to curb ecological pollution. Another measure is reducing the thickness of the sealing tape in promoting sustainable consumption. By doing this, the company will be saving on the tape measure that creating a sense of economic responsibility. See This Page for more information.

Digital invoices and receipts reduce the amount of paper being consumed annually. Employing more people to deliver products reduces the amount of emission from vehicles that pollute the environment.

In China, Jingdong Mall has employed more than 80,000 delivery guys who do so using traditional means such as bikes and thus reducing the emission of global warming gases. Another measure of promoting sustainability is encouraging individuals to pick their goods instead of requesting for delivery.

Involving Consumers

JD.com takes pride in making their customers get involved in environmental activities, for instance, Jingdong Mall is working with groups such as UNDP to address waste and issues of pollution. Implementing strategies that allow consumers to donate items such as toys and books can bring purpose and avoiding waste of resource.

This move extends the life cycle of products and thus reduce the need for resources in manufacturing new products. Moreover, this kind of action leads to an elevation of social needs reducing poverty among individuals in society. JD believes that this kind of involvement of people in the conservation of the environment can greatly change how people approach consumption.


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