TMS Health Solutions Revolutionizes Treatment For Clinical Depression

Millions of people suffer from Clinical Depression worldwide. It is not similar to the depression, where an extreme sadness was caused by a trigger, a painful experience caused by a loss, or death. Clinical Depression is a different monster. It is a more severe form of depression that comes back from time to time. TMS Health Solutions is initiating a revolution to make maintaining Clinical Revolution a more manageable task.



There are five common symptoms of clinical depression. Although more symptoms might manifest, a symptom might have been branched out from a major one. When your loved one has some or all of these symptoms, it is time for them to consult a doctor for help in treating Clinical Depression.

  1. Hopelessness , sadness, lost of interest, and feeling empty
  2. More sensitive, easy to get irritated and get angry
  3. Change in behavior when it comes to sleep cycle, eating, and body movements
  4. Lack of energy and feeling worthless
  5. Repeately occuring suical thoughts and efforts



Usually, Clinical Depression can be treated with antidepressant medication, depending on the severity of the symptom/s manifested. There are unwanted effects when it comes to this kind of treatment. The most common side effect of antidepressant treatment is when the patient became too dependent on the drug that he or she will fall apart once the drug was withdrawn.


TMS Health Solutions is introducing a new way to manage clinical depression. TMS Health Solutions offers the Transcranial Magnetic Simulation or TMS, an “innovative, patient-centric care” for people diagnosed with Clinical Depression. It is a drug-free and non-invasive therapy and is proven to be effective for a lot of cases. It’s most notable strength is that this therapy will not make the patient dependent on the drugs alone and will have minimal side effects.


Certified by FDA in 2008, TMS Health Solutions is an institution in treating depression in Northern California. The clinic is accepting insurance plans which include Veteran’s Affairs, Beacon, MHN, Optum, TRICARE, Blue Cross, Aetna, UMR, United Healthcare, and a lot more insurance brand.